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Winter Fashion

Now that the colder months are upon us it’s time to think winter fashion. Time to start looking for new outfit and searching for the next piece to add to our winter wardrobes. The shops are filled with all our winter favourites such as cosy jumpers, bobble hats, and knee-high boots. Eventually, everything starts to look the same in all the shops. Adding unique touches to your outfit has never been easier, especially with these tips for keeping your style ‘you’.

Winter Fashion Accessories

Accessories are the key to getting the most from an outfit. They can add versatility, allowing you to wear the same look multiple ways. Let’s take a classic cold weather outfit – jeans and a jumper. Wear this with a pair of your favourite trainers, an oversized bomber and some hoop earrings and you have an instant casual, sporty outfit. Finish it off with some buns and a dark lip and this instantly sets the look.

To dress the same look up, add some heeled boots, a faux fur trim pleather jacket. Finish with a slick of lip gloss and a sparkly clutch bag and you have an instant wintery day-to-night look. Or for a work look, add a pair of patent loafers, a long trench coat or long jacket. Team with a sleek ponytail and layer a shirt under your jumper so you have a crisp collar showing!

Remember: No one will have the same wardrobe as you, so use what you have in your arsenal to mix up outfits and keep them inimitable.


Jewellery reflects your personality and special moments in your life. Whether you have a big personality and like to show this off through chunky bangles and statement necklaces or you prefer to keep things minimalist with thin rings and plain stud your jewellery can really say a lot about you.

To make this part of your style even more special and unique, why not incorporate a personalised piece such as a fingerprint necklace? They allow you to include a loved ones’ print on a piece of your choice. You could choose your children, your partner, or even your beloved pets.

How You Wear It

Vogue editor Edna Woolman Chase is famously quoted as saying, “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess”. The quote expresses the idea that anyone can buy clothes, but that it is your own personal taste that makes them look different. This is a really important aspect to think about when it comes to clothes and wanting to set yourself apart from others.

Minor details can really add to an outfit. Wearing a jumper off-the-shoulder, tucking a shirt in on one side, or turning up your cuffs of sweatshirts or jeans to show the inner lining of piece of clothing. There are so many ways to make an outfit your own or to style it for yourself. For inspiration look at your favourite blogs, Instagram accounts and to your favourite celebrity style. Think how to dress differently or of difficult pieces! Have a fun time getting creative with your wardrobes this winter.

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