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I am truly ashamed to say that I have put on nearly all the weight I lost a few years ago. I maintained my trimmer shape for a good few years, by cooking healthy food and maintaining a good level of activity – mainly walking to work, jogging and yoga.

Sadly, life got in the way. With multiple work commitments, hosting and feeding international students, I easily fell into old habits. Eating convenience food to fit everyone’s schedule and save money, helped me gain lbs. Work didn’t help with endless treats and food to pick on. As an emotional eater, this only got worse as my work environment became more and more unbearable.

Now that I’m working for myself I have more flexibility on where and when I work out. Despite this, I still seem to lack the motivation needed to get up and go to the gym, because I just get so bored. It’s time to try something different. It’s time to dust off my tap dance shoes and get dancing.

Get Fit Doing something you enjoy

I know that for me to commit to exercise I have to really enjoy it. I love dancing, I was never professional (nowhere near!) but I did used to go to classes until my mid-teens.I loved going to Pineapple dance studios to learn how to dance in heels a few years ago and I find myself searching YouTube for Little Mix dance routines!

Loads of people rave about Zumba as a good class for dance lovers. But I see it for what it is, aerobics dressed up as a dance class. It’s like hiding medicine in your kid’s food, you can tell them it’s chocolate pudding. It may look like chocolate pudding. But once they taste it they know what you’ve done.

It’s time for me to find a dance class, or two…

Dance and make new friends

The great thing about a dance class, that’s different to other exercise classes, is that you tend to book into a class for at least a term. That means you will have basically the same people in the class week after week, this allows you to build up a rapport with people.

You dance as a group, so you learn how each other move and can help each other improve as you work on a dance routine. Spending that time together each week and working towards a common goal, such as a show, really helps build bonds.

Gain confidence

Obviously, my confidence will grow as I get fitter and slimmer. But learning a routine and building up my stamina, or dance skills will have the same effect. Nailing a new move, or becoming more flexible, simple things that help me achieve the end routine.

Getting these small and seemingly unimportant skills may seem like nothing, but could lead to me enjoying yoga more or seriously take up adult gymnastic classes again.

Get a routine

I’m not just talking about learning a new dance routine. My other big issues is that not working in an office has left me without structure. I sleep in or go to bed late. It’s easy to lose all motivation.

Booking in for a term of dance classes means you are guaranteed a place in the class at the same time every week, so I can fit my commitments around class rather than trying to fit classes around my Netflix addiction!

Feel happier

It’s no secret that exercise helps your body release endorphins, leading to you being happier. But the joy of achieving something like a new skill, or learning an epic dance routine can also make you happy.

What is your favourite form of exercise?

Love Lilla xx

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