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Until last year we had a family home in Spain. For years we traveled there to stay with my grandad. Joe and I married there. The house catalogued so many moments in our lives, some heartbreaking and other so filled with joy that I miss it desperately. I fell in love with Marbella.

Returning to Spain

Now times are different. No more buying food and cooking, leisurely drinking on the terrace. Never realising how expensive holidays can be.

We have returned to Spain several times since the villa was sold. Maintaining the lifestyle we are used to in a hotel means mega bucks. Breakfast is usually included, but paying restaurant, plus the obligatory holiday day drinking, your wallet soon feels the strain.

Renting an apartment quickly added up due to several flats, as well as food and drink for all of them. While the place was nice the facilities weren’t great and we were located in the middle of nowhere.

It’s time to look at other options, it’s time to go all-inclusive and I have found some real Holiday Gems. Going to Marbella is a family tradition, we meet in Marbs, with friends from all over the UK and family from Philadelphia every year.

Booking an all-inclusive in Marbella in a nice four star hotel in July is currently £1200 per a couple including flights from London Gatwick. A week all-inclusive for roughly the same price to stay in the hotel we stayed in a few years ago including everything consumed at the hotel. Hello drinks by the pool!

Using an all Inclusive to explore new places

Despite being together 11 years (on NYE) Joe and I have never been on a real holiday just the two of us. Yes we’ve had the odd weekend in London, or a city break away, but anything longer has always included friends and family.

This year we’d love to change that and visit somewhere new. We plan to start a family in the next few years, so would love to have one sunny holiday to treasure with each other. This also means that we can explore new all inclusive long haul destinations, like Goa or Cape Verde. Long haul destinations can often be daunting because of the cost of flights, but limiting the need for spending money with an all-inclusive really helps. Also being in a holiday resort allows you to make friends with other holiday makers and socialise without having to think about budgeting. It’s a different, more relaxing pace of holiday life. Fingers crossed, Joe and I will make the time to get away together.

What are your holiday plans for 2018?

Love Lilla xx

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