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If you live in a city, you may have noticed that a lot of the properties are lacking in natural light. Once big and airy, old houses have been renovated into flats and bedsits to meet housing demands. Rows of terraced houses, have been crammed together, cancelling out each others sunlight. Tall blocks of flats, dwarf all below it, leave the remaining homes in the shadows. So what’s the solution?

Create Natural Light

Often the only way to add natural light to your room is to add windows. This can be a big undertaking, and is probably something to be thought of as part of bigger renovation works. But rather than adding a window to your wall, why not think about adding it to your ceiling? Roof Windows have their own VELUX roof window shop. VELUX specialise in roof windows and the results of adding lighting to tall ceilings can really change a space. Alternatively, creating a window that extends from the roof down to the floor, not only adds natural light, but also opens up the space, making it seem bigger.

Light reflective walls

A great way to create natural light in dark rooms is to use light reflective colours on your walls (or floors). This will reflect light around the room, while dark colours will absorb the light, adding to the darkness. If you are particularly adventurous, think about painting your floorboards a bright colour, and keeping the walls white.

Magic Mirrors

Adding mirrors to any room, creates the illusion of space and light. There are several tricks that can help, placing mirrors opposite windows can brighten up a space, as can placing two mirrors of similar size opposite each other. You can also accessories the room with reflective items.

Glass Doors

If your dark room is off of a light hallway, then why not use that additional light? Adding doors with glass panels let’s light travel through, brightening up the space.

Undress your window

Obviously the windows you already have, are the best way to let natural light into a room. It might be time to rethink how you have dressed your windows. If you want to keep your privacy, while letting light in, then consider shutters, or slatted blinds. These can be angled to follow the sun, or closed to provide ultimate privacy. Alternatively, trade thick curtains for netting.


How have you added more natural light to your space? I would love to hear or see your solutions!

Love Lilla xx

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