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Creating a Home Office spaceNow that I’m freelance, I often work from home, but I don’t have a dedicated space. Our flat isn’t really big enough for me to have an actual room as an office. Our small second room is currently used as a dressing room/ storage space, as our bedroom is too small to fit a dresser. My dressing table, however, is old, with drawers all the way down making it impossible to use as a desk.

I did get a small folding table to use temporarily, but it’s not a final solution. I need to get a real desk, so I can get a second monitor, have a proper workspace, and don’t find myself hunched over my laptop. After talking to Joe, I have decided to take over a corner of the lounge, to put a desk. Now it’s time to think about how to decorate it.

Add a feature wall to seperate the space

Our lounge has a chimney breast in it, with alcoves either side. My desk will be fitting into one of the alcoves. The general theme in the lounge is grey, with accents of greens, blue and purples. I promise it’s not as weird as it sounds. So while I want my office area to have its own feel, it still needs to match the rest of the room. The wall the desk sits against, could be a feature wall, and I am playing with the idea of glitter or sparkly wallpaper. The look can range from full on solid glitter, which I think could be a bit distracting for an office, or something with a slight shimmer, or a metallic detail in the pattern, click here for more sparkly wallpaper options. I also like the idea of creating some sort or mural, or picture wall behind my desk.

Kitting out an office space

Another option, is to keep the wall white, but decorate the space with stylish, but functional accessories. I like the idea of having two square floating shelves, placed diagonally from each other. These could house my books, and other essentials like a desk calendar or note pads. As well as storage I need an in and out tray, but quiet like the idea of wall mounted wire letter storage baskets. Placing it on the wall creates more desk space and stops the area looking cluttered. I could also have a third basket for a pen holder and other essentials like a stapler.

House plants to reduce stress

I’m lucky at the moment, I have very little work related stress, which is a huge change from a year ago. House plants are not only believed to purify the air, but studies show that they can also reduce stress. I know bloggers are know for loving succulents, but I am awful at keeping plants alive. Having done my research, English Ivy, is meant to be easy to grow and is apparently one of the best air filtering plants. As they make great hanging plants, I would also have the opportunity to try my hand at macrame. Once that’s failed I can just turn to Etsy!

Wall mounted calendar

It really helps if I can plan my days in advance, so I can work around blogging events and keep tabs on any approaching deadlines. Previously, I would have used a regular calendar, but this can take up a lot of space and isn’t easy to edit, unless you use pencil. I’ve seen some lovely perspex month long calendars. These can be re-used each and every year/month, using whiteboard pens. It’s best to have two, so you can plan the weeks ahead as you get to the end of a month. Then you simply wipe it clean, and start again.

I’d love to hear about your home office must haves.

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Love Lilla xx

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