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I know, I’m late to the party. It’s already the end of January and I’ve not posted a single “New year, new me” style post. To be honest, I never really planned to. My new chapter started back in August when I became self-employed, and just like every new years resolution I’ve ever made, they all quickly went out the window.

But nearly 6 months after becoming self employed, there are a few things that I have learnt. I will share these in another post. However, the hardest part is the lonliness. I often work in my flat, which means I can spend whole days talking to the animals. I find myself counting down the minutes to when Joe gets home, so I can interact with a human.

The only thing that I honestly miss from being employed (apart from a fixed income!) is the people I worked with. Well, some of them, otherwise I’d still be working at my old agency! I never realised how much I relied on jobs to make friends and meet new people. Or really how my life choices could alienate me so much.

So the only two things that I want to do in 2018 is to get out of the house everyday and make new friends. This is my plan…

Get a new hobby

Taking up a hobby is something that I never thought I was any good at. Then I realised that I am still blogging 8 years later, so I’m better than I thought I was! I also still regularly play Simpsons: Tapped out, this is a real achievement, I promise you…

Finding a new hobby is a great way to meet friends, get out of the house and be more active. Whether you get yourself a pair of Ecco Golf Shoes to try on for size, or take up some form of dance. Or maybe I need another way to express myself, like joining a choir or taking an art class.

Start co-working

With some fantastic encouragement from other local freelancers, I have decided to start co-working more. I’m lucky, because Brighton has a huge freelance community. There’s a Facebook group that’s set up a co-working schedule, where freelancers meet at different pubs and cafes to work together. Not only will this help me meet new people, it can also help me grow my grow my business, or help other freelancers when I need tother skills on a project.

Go to the gym

This just seems to be on every New Years resolution list I ever write. But now it’s not just about fitness and weight loss. Going to the gym will help improve my mental health, makes up for all the extra in activity of working at home. Not to mention going to classes is a great way to make friends.

Attend Networking events

I guess it’s stupid that I don’t attend networking events at the moment. If I’m honest, I find them really intimidating. Everyone there is so confident and have accomplished great things for their business, it makes me feel like a fraud. But maybe I just need to fake it until I make it.

Say ‘Yes’ more

I’m not going to become a ‘Yes’ woman. But I do want to be more open to saying yes to invitations. I’ve found in 2017, I really became quite reclusive. It was never an intentional thing, it just happened.

I think saying ‘Yes’ will open up so many opportunities for me, both in my private and professional life.

So there it is, my five point plan to being proactive and making a few new friends in 2018. What’s your goal?

Love Lilla xx

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