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My bathroom is my sanctuary. While day-to-day I am more of a shower taker, there is little better than a piping hot bath. Add a scented candle and then my choice of bubbles or bath salts, heaven. Shocker, I’m a blogger with no interest in bath bombs! I use this for much needed ‘me’ time, I often forget about myself now that I’m self-employed. I spend half my time relaxing, with a hair and face mask while reading or catching up with Netflix.  Then the second half trying to manage hair removal, hair washing ending with a big exfoliating session.

The dream however is to one day have a massive luxury bathroom. A massive tub with jets to make real bubbles, a TV or built in speaker system, mood lighting and a dressing area.  It is always a great choice to pick as many of your fixtures, fittings, and accessories from the same place – so that you know you have everything when you need it, rather than having things arrive in small batches. Floors To Walls online store has everything right down to bathroom furniture! Easy choice to get the bathroom you really want.

Do I really need more inspiration? Always.

Gold Fixtures and Fittings

Lennox Gardens for Bonchi Interiors Peek Architecture contemporary-bathroom

I love this light and airy marble look in this contemporary bathroom. The gold fixtures and fittings are not only on trend at the moment. They really add to luxurious feel and warms up the bathroom decor. As I said day to day I’m more of a shower person, this walk in power shower would be a dream come true. At the moment we have an electric shower, which means instant hot water and powerful, but the head is too small. Compared to our last place it’s a dream as we had bad water pressure, so our shower would trickle cold water. If you struggle with water pressure in your bathroom then check out a range of shower pumps here, that should do the trick.

Luxury bathroom overload

Luxury Bathrooms mediterranean-bathroom

OK, so I am going to start of by saying this is WAAAAAY too much for me.I think the decor is tacky. However, there are some aspects that I love. First off have you seen the double width, his and her sinks? There would be no fighting for the mirror or sink with Joe when we get ready. Look at that storage this would hide all your products, hair stylers and clean towels.

I love the steps to get into the bath, and the window next to it – let’s just hope it looks over a private courtyard, because I wouldn’t want to scare the neighbours!

Finally, I love the chandeliers and wall lights. They are a lovely touch, and if this bathroom was white and more simple, they would add elegance.

Minimalist and chic

Farm House transitional-bathroom

This bathroom is right up my alley. I’m not a fan of greige usually, however, as this is mixed with darker and richer colours it breaks it up and doesn’t look so basic. Compared to the last bathroom, this one is a lot more minimalist, with a cleaner finish. I love the the big windows and the sky light, which floods the space with natural light.

While the his and her vanity, doesn’t hold as much storage, I do like the way that the sink mimics the shape of the bath. Also the back lit alcove behind the bath, used for towel storage adds a nice touch and provides perfect mood lighting for a relaxing bath.

If you were planning your dream bathroom, what would be your must have features?

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Love Lilla xx

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