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Decorating our bedroomDecorating our bedroomDecorating our bedroomHere we are in March already. Meaning we’ve been in the flat now for 8 months. I wish it was organised, and looked like it’s from the pages of Home and Garden. Sadly, this is not the case. Despite living together for 10 years, when we moved in here, we didn’t have a lot of furniture. What we did have was either too big or on it’s last legs and needing replacing.

Buying a home is always expensive, plus fees, packing and moving. We didn’t really have much spare cash to immediately fully furnish the flat. We started by buying a new sofa, TV stand/bookshelf, an office desk and a coffee table. All great purchases, apart from a flat packed coffee table that seems to have ambitions of being some sort of artistic installation, judging by the angle the legs have taken. The next room we focused on was the bedroom. Luckily, Joe is happy for me to take the lead.

The Bedroom colour scheme

We haven’t even started to decorate the room yet. I have the wallpaper and colour scheme in mind. One wall has a built in mirrored wardrobe (HEAVENLY STORAGE). The wall behind our bed will be covered by a marble mural with light green veins running through it. My plan for the colour scheme is blue, green, grey and gold accents. These tones will add some warmth and colour to a room that will be overwhelmingly white.

I’ve already started buying a few accessories. A lovely warm grey fleece throw for the bed and a collection of cushions in various greys and greens and different textures. Other bits that i’ve picked up include a marble pattern candle and some green and gold frames.

The good thing about the mirrored wardrobe and the white walls is that the reflect light, making our small room appear bigger when filled with natural light from the window.

Bedroom furniture

I guess the most important piece of furniture is the bed. Currently we have our old king size bed, with no headboard. The plan is to replace it with a king size ottoman bed to add storage to the flat. I’m currently drawn to grey upholstered headboards, but I also like the idea of hanging a picture rail and using framed prints as a focal feature.

I was then contacted by PIB (Produit Intérieur Brut) who kindly offered to send me something from their range. Originally, a French interiors brand, their mission is to help you find furniture that is both stylish and quality. Exit flat pack furniture with a shelf life of 5 years.

I decided to look for a bedside table, and after looking through the PIB I knew that I wanted to achieve a scandinavian style. PIB don’t have endless products, more of a curated selection of quality and stylish goods. Considering I find ordering food off a menu difficult due to too much choice – this definitely made my life easier.

Marmori Marble End Table

Having measured my space and thought about my plans for the room, I finally chose the Marmori Marble End Table. I’m usually obsessed with adding storage to every room, so it’s a surprise that the table doesn’t have drawers or extra shelving. But with the built in wardrobes and knowing that we will be getting underbed storage meant that I could focus solely on aesthetic.

I was drawn to the contrast between the white marble used for the table top and the dark wood of its frame. I also like its rounded edges and feet. At £170, it’s an expensive piece, but now that I am decorating my own home, I am happy to spend more on quality and longevity. This end table is also very versatile, currently it serves as a bedside table, but it could just as easily sit next to our sofa, in the hallway.

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Love Lilla xx

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