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home extensionHave you recently noticed your home feeling slightly claustrophobic? It could be because you have recently had children who need more space in which to play. Another possibility is that you have started working from home and so work equipment has taken up much room.

Whatever the reason, you might start seriously considering having a home extension built. If you’re worried about cost of home renovations, or decor updates you can always save money using coupons, from websites like Raise.

However, would this really be the right step forward for you? These factors can help you assess the matter…

Pro: a home extension can be more straightforward than moving home

There are various benefits to moving home that can make it seem a tempting option. For example, it would give you a fresh start and let you choose a home that meets a wide array of your specific needs. It might even put you in easier reach of better schools, shops and other amenities.

However, you would still need to sell your home and go through various procedures which this would entail, says the UK Home Improvement blog. All of the little costs can seriously stack up.

Con: you might need to lose garden or parking space

Carefully discern whether you will be able to extend the home in a way that leaves it balanced and logically arranged. For example, if your home has four bedrooms making it suitable for families, trying to sell that home later could be tricky if an extension has swallowed up garden space.

Lost space for parking could be similarly problematic if the local area lacks abundant transport links and so would leave future residents of your home dependent on car use.

Con: you may need approval from the local council

Before starting work on an extension, you would need to ask your local council whether you would likely be permitted to build it. They will assess this on the basis of finished plans.

Should the council vouch for the proposed extension’s viability, it would then be necessary for you to have an architect draw up plans subsequently sent to the council. If this council then grants planning permission and building regulation approval, the extension can finally go ahead.

Pro: the right home extension could enhance your home’s value

While you would need to pour money into an extension project, you shouldn’t underestimate how much a carefully thought through extension could add to the value of your residence.

In London, for example, the high demand for housing could mean that the addition of a basement to your home pays dividends. Nonetheless, such a move wouldn’t be similarly worthwhile elsewhere in the country, as warned in this Guardian article.

Pro or con: you will need to furnish the new space

The costs of making your new extension usable could include those of decorating and furnishing it. Yes, such enhancements will add to the expense… but could also let you truly “start from scratch” and make the space truly your own.

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