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Create your own Pizza Bar

Everyone loves a slice of Pizza. I can’t think of many things better than putting on a good movie, with some ‘za, a few choice sides and chilling out.

With National Pizza Day approaching on Saturday (9th Feb!) I was kindly invited by ASDA Hollingbury to create my own Pizza at their Pizza bar. I used to love going to the Pizza bar as a kid. My sister and I would argue over toppings before agreeing to half and half!

But in the last 20 years the Pizza bar has evolved, with additional flourishes. Now offering flavoured oil or swapping cheese for a vegan alternative.

Premade toppings

Asda Pizza bar

Creating your own Pizza means that you can create a topping that will tantalize your taste buds. Or if you’re in a hurry you can pick up one of their pre-made pizzas, flatbreads or calzones.

The most popular premade toppings at ASDA Hollingbury is Cheese Meltdown or the American Sizzler.

Wandering what the weirdest request has been? A Hawaiian, that the customer was going to add Peaches too?!?

Now it was my time to choose my creation. There is an option of four bases: Thin Crust, Deep Pan, Calzone and Flatbread in both 10″ or a 14″. For step two you choose a sauce from classic tomato, BBQ or Garlic and herb spread.

Then there is the vast list of toppings, including all the usual suspects – you can choose 4, with 2 more additional toppings at 50p each. The final choice to be made is whether you want a drizzle of oil and if you’d rather have Basil, Chili or Garlic flavoured.

I went for a 10″ Thin Crust with pepperoni, red onion, spicy cheese and jalapenos and chili oil. The Pizza was £2.50!! A way more affordable option than getting a takeaway or making my own. Need a bigger Pizza? The 14″ Pizzas are £3.50.

How would you make yours?

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Love Lilla xx

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