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Small Patio

I’ve gone from having a fairly large garden, with a seating area, room to entertain and vegetable patches. To a small patio that is maybe 2 meters by 2 meters. Currently, my oversized BBQ from the old house takes up a lot of space, it’s probably time to say goodbye to it, and let my smoker come BBQ take its place. Not really big enough for table and chairs, I have one of those mosaic ‘bistro sets’.

Compost bags, the new vegetable patch

I’d love to start growing fruit and veg again, but with no flower beds or soil and the lack of space for a trough, or raised beds, my best option is compost bags. They’re small, simple and effective way of growing anything for vegetables to a herb garden.

You say Tomato, I saw Potatoe…..

Compost bags can be used for growing fruit or veg like strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes and courgettes. If you’re lucky enough to be green fingered, then be as adventurous as you can. I struggle keeping most things alive, but potatoes more or less look after themselves.

Plant your seed potatoes in February – April and you should be able to cook up some spuds by June.

Create your own salad bar, well salad compost bag….

Using grow bags to produce quick maturing salad means that you can literally cut and grow your favourite salad leaves as and when you need them.

With cut-and-come-again varieties, simply trip the lettuce or salad leaves when you want to eat the. Harvesting them regularly will keep the plants cropping for longer. Watch out for when your leaves start to flower, this is when they become bitter, so time pull them up, chuck on the compost heap.

Home grown strawberries in compost bags

Herb we grow again

If you love cooking with fresh herbs, then why not use your grow bag to create a hard garden – home grown herbs smell incredible and taste better than the live plants you get in the supermarket.

There are two ways you can grow herbs using a compost bag. The first is to keep it simple and grow and harvest the herbs in the bag. The second is to nurture your herbs into seedlings and replant into pots for your kitchen window sill.

Have you tried to grow your own veg at home? Let me know your tips, or what you’ve found easy to grow in the comments below.

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