Get garden ready for BBQ season this Summer

out door dining with various fruits, cheeses and crackers on a wooden board with friends eating it. A dining area is essential when getting your garden ready for summer

The weather is due to be hotting up in the next few weeks. If you’ve got a garden, you’re one of the lucky ones. Get ready for boozy evenings in the sun and BBQs. Or just your own sanctuary for a relaxing sunbathe and read it’s time to get your garden ready.

Alfresco Dining – get your garden ready

Cosy garden table and bench with laid with mats, matching cushions and wine . Get your garden ready to entertain

If you love to entertain, or like to take advantage of the long sunny evenings, the first thing you need is a cosy dining set up. Instead of buying spanking new furniture, why not re- varnish or paint your current set up? It’s incredible how transformative a paint job can be.

Add some finishing touches to your al fresco dining area by picking up garden cushions and tableware. I have reusable plastic plates and fancy plastic wine glasses (dishwasher friendly) that I use outside – that way when the wind blows, or the wine flows there is no risk of breakage.

Why not treat yourself to a gardening gift?

Star light, not so bright

As the evening sun starts to fade, lighting is a must have. Unless you like to sit in the dark! It doesn’t have to be expensive – battery or solar powered lights are a quick and easy addition. They can be really cute – whether it’s a wall of fairy lights or flamingos.

Another idea is to get a cosy fire pit or chimnea – they provide good mood lighting, warmth for when it starts to get chilly. And you can make s’mores or other tasty fireside treats.

Growing, pruning and gifting

Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

Gardens can take years to cultivate. Plants acquired over time, years to mature, or climb. So why not ask for Gardening gifts were possible. Whether it’s pots for a herb garden, hydrangeas, or even gardening tools, so that you can prune your roses?

Do you have a particular recipe you like to share when you’re entertaining in your garden? Share it below – I’m always looking for inspiration.

Love Lilla xx

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