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What has happened? Where has my life gone? and how am I already old enough that we look back at the Spice Girls with 90s nostalgia?

Hands up if you are old enough to remember seeing ‘Wannabe’ being played on The Box for the first time. For that matter, do you remember The Box music channel. You had to call up and request the video you wanted, and then wait patiently until it came on.

I’m not ashamed to say I’m old enough to remember the first partnership between the Spice Girls and Walkers.

Like many 30 something women, I remember the madness of the Spice Girls. I had Spice, the impulse body spray, collected the Spice Girls photo album and cursed my mum for not letting me dye my hair red.

I fought with my friends over which Spice Girl I was when we dressed up as them. Posh or Scary, mainly because I owned a lot of animal print from a young age!

Spice Girls revolution

Is it really any surprise the Spice Girls started a girl power revolution? Out of nowhere young girls were presented with 5 very different strong women, who did what they pleased and had fun.

Cleverly, the 5 personas meant that every girl out there could relate to one of them. There was no longer any shame in not conforming to the stereotypical girl. You could be sporty, sexy, feisty. Whatever you wanted and there was an instant icon there for you to relate to.

Above all, for or the first time we had five women who made us feel we didn’t have to compromise who we were to fit in, to be accepted or to be loved.

The idea of girl power was something we could band together for. A change to feeling like we were always in competition. This was probably my first basic understanding of feminism and female empowerment. I believe the Spice Girls paved the way for women to think freely and step out of the boxes we were put in at birth. Their legacy amplified the notion of feminism, leading to the strong women who are at the forefront of the movements we see now.

Love Lilla xx

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