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Holiday Skincare

I’m writing this post in collaboration with beauty website Cosmetify. They offer over 160,000 products from thousands of different brands – providing products ranging from make up and skin care to hair and electricals.

We’ve teamed up to discuss the importance of being consistent with your skincare on your summer holidays. The change in temperature, additional exposure to the sun’s UV rays and other factors like airplane travel can all wreak havoc on our skin. Here I share my summer mini essentials and top tips.

Don’t take a mini break from your skin care routine

Depending on your skin, I would recommend continuing with your regular products and buying some of those mini bottles and fill them up.

Alternatively, this can be a great time to get a small starter kit of a new routine you’d like to try – like this Liz Earle kit filled with minis. Just make sure to do a patch test before you go away!

Sunkissed skin

I know that my skin can be a lot more dry than usual when on holiday, so I try to take away a good tinted moisturiser with SPF built in like Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. This tinted hydrating Gel Cream has been a regular in my make up bag for about four years now. It’s perfect for a natural looking sun kissed look, with light coverage your skin still sees the sun, but also is protected with an SPF 30.

It’s important to apply additional SPF throughout the day or re-apply regularly for long lasting protection – alternatively try to keep your face out of the dun with a hat or shade.

Masks are a must for holiday skincare

If you do have a day wear you get carried away in the sun, or you feel like your skin is feeling tight from chlorine, then grab a mask and have a pre-dinner chill.

I recommend something hydrating, or if you are burnt, soothing like this Yes To Cucumbers soothing mask. The sooner you treat irritated skin, the better it will be.

What are your top skincare tips for summer holidays? Tell me below!

Love Lilla xx

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