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Your wedding day is a day that seems to become more surreal the closer it gets. It is allegedly the best day of a woman’s life–how could that not day not feel like a dream? It can quickly become one of the most stressful days of your life if you get carried away. The last thing anyone wants to be is a bridezilla, and it’s certainly not what people want to be around. Whether you’re planning it yourself or with the help of a pro, there are so many little details to remember. It can be easy to get lost in the mix. Here are some tips for the couples-to-be who are daring enough to brave the wedding DIY planning style.

Stick! To! Your! Budget!

Easy to say, hard to do; no, we’re not talking about bungee jumping, but sticking to your wedding budget instead. Tradition has it that the bride’s family should foot the bill, but nowadays, more and more couples are taking it upon themselves to make it happen. If you do happen to be splitting the cost with family members or friends, sit down early on into the planning and have a frank discussion about what you’d like and what you’re willing and unwilling to pay for. Once everything is clear, and a budget is set, stick to it.


Consult the Pros–For Some Things

It can give you a big, independent rush knowing that you’re entirely in control of your wedding, however, a professional may be able to help you negotiate lower prices with vendors. Most people in the biz recommend diy-bent lovebirds to either consult a planner in the beginning stages to nail down the specifics or hire a coordinator for the big day so that there’s someone specifically there to see if everything’s running smoothly. Leave the messy middle to yourselves–that’s the best part!


Shrink the Guest List

You’re getting married, of course, you want all your closest friends there. For the more extroverted among us, one of the most challenging aspects of wedding planning is choosing a concise guest list. Sure, the party wouldn’t be complete without your partner’s freshman year college roommate’s cool cousin who came to visit the weekend of the football championship that complimented your homemade Michael J. Fox sweater, but all good things come with sacrifices. The fewer guests you have, the less money you spend, period. Keep this in mind as you’re scouring your high school yearbooks for some seat fillers.

One more thing about the guest list– DIY invitation kits include all the charm of a heartfelt craft with the ease of a simple cut and paste. Some kits, like the diy wedding invitations from Pure Invitation, come at an impossibly low price as well. 

Happy wedding planning, or more appropriately, happy happily ever after-building!

Love Lilla xx

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