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With many of us working from home or waiting to hear if we have a job to return to when all this is over, there’s never been a more prudent time to start to save money. You might think that you’ve squeezed every penny out of your budget and that you don’t want to give up any more of the things you love.

But the truth is that you don’t have to. Saving money and pinching pennies doesn’t have to mean restrictions and denying yourself the things you love doing the most. There are plenty of ways you can save money and still lead an enjoyable lifestyle. You should consider your frugality as a means of investing in your future, with any savings you make going straight into your pension fund and savings pot – click the link to find out more about a personal pension plan.

Read on for new ways to save money that you might not have thought of.

Update your appliances

Those old appliances might look fine in your kitchen, but did you know that they could be costing you a lot of money in energy bills? Many old appliances aren’t energy efficient which means that you’re probably paying more than you should be for your electricity and gas. Start with your cooker and your fridge.

Learn how to do-it-yourself

When you want something changing or you have something that needs fixing, the first thing we do is look at hiring someone do it for us. From wallpapering a room to re-tiling the kitchen, fixing a leaky tap or putting up a shelf. These kinds of callouts can be expensive, so it makes perfect sense in a time of isolation and limited services that we learn to do things for ourselves. Of course, anything to do with electrics or gas should always be done by a registered professional.

Save Money, Cut the cord 

Do you still have a phone line? Many broadband and internet packages often come with home lines as standard. However, they cost a certain amount each month to maintain – as well as installation fees! In today’s world, we communicate with our cell phones and via the internet. So, cut the cord on your landline for good.

Stop gambling

Whether you’re playing bingo at home because you’re bored or you really think you have a shot at the million-dollar prize on the lottery. Gambling is addictive, expensive and often pointless. Cancel your subscription to monthly prize draws and avoid those online gambling sites that pull you in with deals and offers.

Switch energy suppliers

This is something I am rather vigilant with. Having briefly worked for one of the top 6 energy suppliers in my early 20s, I know exactly how expensive the standard tariffs they put you on once your contract expires can be. While the goal of this article is to help you save money, never do this at the expense of good service. Always to look at the reviews of energy suppliers, because there is nothing worse than spending hours on end on the phone trying to sort out an issue and having to deal with bad customer service.

Love Lilla xx

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