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Irish wedding
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Irish culture holds a lot of symbolism and meaning, and that extends to their wedding traditions also. Looking for some ways to infuse your big day with some of your Celtic heritage?  Try a few of these traditions to add extra meaning.

Handfasting is an important part of Irish wedding culture. In this tradition, the couple’s hands are tied together with a ribbon or rope. Traditionally it was done before the wedding as a kind of engagement ceremony, but today it can be done during the wedding ceremony. It is usually done during or after the vows to represent the two people becoming one.  

The Claddagh ring is another important symbol of an Irish wedding. It is used as the wedding ring and has a heart being held by two hands on it. It represents love, friendship, and loyalty forever and sometimes is engraved with those words.

The symbol of the horseshoe for luck is also used. The bride used to carry an actual horseshoe down the aisle with her, but now using a small charm on the bouquet or using it in other areas of the decoration is also appropriate. Brides usually wore blue dresses also as opposed to the traditional white ones. If you want to keep your white dress, then you may want to opt for blue bridesmaid dresses to stick with the tradition.  

Check out this infographic to see more ways to plan the perfect Irish wedding and infuse a little Celtic culture into your big day.

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