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It can be hard to realise that you’ve been hoarding clothes. Are you ignoring the signs that you’re overdue an upgrade to your wardrobe. It can certainly be hard to admit that a quarter or even half of the clothes in your wardrobe no longer fit. You can be faced with the guilt of wasting money, or feeling like you might wear that dress again one day. Even if they are from 2005 and it’s now 2020. 

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Don’t turn a blind eye to the fact your wardrobe is outdated. You trick yourself into thinking you will reach for that one top or pairs of shoes at some point and hope that you might be able to find a way to style something that you have grown to hate in time, however, by doing this you are making things much more difficult to for yourself long term. This is often why people find themselves having tonnes of clothing but nothing to wear. 

The key is to limit what you have in your closet so you can stop detracting from the awesome pieces you have.

But, how do you know when enough is enough? To start with you need to take everything out of your closet and get ready to make some tough decisions. Next, follow these steps to lead you to wardrobe success: 

Anything You Don’t Love Put Into A Pile 

Everyone has certain pieces in their wardrobe that make them feel fantastic and often boosts their confidence. These are the purchases that get you excited to get dressed in the morning and speak your style. Now, just imagine, your entire closet is full of them, and yes, this can be achieved. 

You need to be brutally honest with yourself when sorting through your wardrobe. Make a pile that includes all of the pieces that don’t make you feel like this. Basic items like your plain white shirts aren’t going to give you this feeling. Place them in a separate pile for consideration. If a particular basic doesn’t make you feel good this should also be put into the going pile. You can easily replace basics to something that is going to make you feel confident when wearing it. 

If you’re brave, you’ll be able to admit which pieces don’t do anything for you. This will dramatically cut the excess piece from your wardrobe. It’s much better to have a few pieces that make you feel amazing and beautiful, than have an abundance of items that make you self-conscious when wearing them. 

There Is No Such Thing As ‘One Day’ 

One thing that everyone needs to learn is that ‘one day’ just doesn’t exist. You may tell yourself on a regular basis that ‘one day’ I will wear that again or ‘One Day’ those shoes could be useful however, it just doesn’t exist and you should try your hardest to get out of that frame of mind. If there is anything that is older than twelve months old, you haven’t work for two running summers or winters, or has tags on from three years ago, it’s time to face the music and get gone. It’s never going to happen, and if it ever does it may only be once or a handful of times. If you haven’t worn an item in a year it doesn’t need to be there. 

Think About Your Lifestyle 

There is no denying that we have all made shopping errors when we have bought a piece that doesn’t suit our lifestyles. You may have even bought it as a ‘one day piece’ and as we learned above that isn’t the best idea. Whether it was a killer pair of heels but you’re not really a heels kind of gal or you bought a high-neck jumper but having things around your not makes you feel uncomfortable, or you bought a mini-skirt when you’re more of a jeans sort of person you might have to come to realize that it was wishful thinking. 

Not to mention, it can also be a constant reminder that you want to be different than your true self, And why would you want your wardrobe to do that to you? Love who you are and get rid of anything that makes you feel any less than perfect. Anything that doesn’t make you feel like you need to go. Make sure you are always thinking about your needs such as glasses from, exercise clothing, or comfortable footwear. 

Get Rid Of Anything That Is Worn Out 

Do you have jumpers that have holes in them or with pilling, a dress that has an uneven or unraveling hem, shoes with a scuffed toe, or items that just don’t fit right anymore? Just get rid of them. If you notice all those little flaws then others will too. If there are items that you really love you could always try to find it again which gives you the perfect excuse to go shopping. At the end of the day, you’re not going to feel great if you’re wearing something that is run-down and tatty. Just say your goodbyes and try to come to peace with it. 

Chuck Anything That Feels Dated 

Trends change quickly, evolve and are tweaked over and over again. They often make a big difference to your wardrobe. Think about crop tops, they evolved into turtleneck crop tops, and then later become racer crop tops. If you have an old crop tops it could feel a little outdated. If an item doesn’t give you pleasure get rid of it. Especially if you’re someone who enjoys fashion. Have a look through your wardrobe and donate anything that’s outdated and no longer on trend. Chuck away items like this are making much-needed room in your wardrobe for the piece you are always going to reach for time and time again. 

Minimize Duplicates 

This is something that many of us are guilty of. We find a style or pattern that we love and then we buy duplicates of it. Feeling great in one piece doesn’t mean fill your whole wardrobe with it. For example, you find a great pattern like iconic stripes, and then buy all the stripes and in every colour.

However, the bottom line is that you most definitely do not need twenty different versions of the same thing. Invest in pieces that make you feel something. Try to minimise any duplicates and allow yourself to discover more pieces that give you a good feeling too. 

It can be daunting to look through their wardrobe and start a big clear-out it is certainly worth it. A wardrobe filled with clothes that make you feel confident will help you get ready for the day ahead. 

Love Lilla xx

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