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4 apps for planning a wedding


Getting ready for your wedding day is just about the most exciting time in your life! The problem is, things can quickly get stressful if you are not great at getting organized. You might prefer to hire a wedding planner or plan things yourself? Either way, these top four apps are a great way to support the wedding planning process.

1 . The Knot 

With the Knot app, you can take the stress out of planning your wedding. The Knot helps you to get organized with thousands of local vendors, registry management, budget tracking, and lots more. First, take the ‘Style Quiz’ to determine your wedding vision. The quiz results can help you to decide on your personalized style, decor, and colors! With The Knot, you can upload photographs from Pinterest and other sources to keep track of your inspiration and ideas. The application also offers a ‘wedding guest list manager’ where you can upload phone contacts and spreadsheets, (and then let the app do the organizing)! With automatic RSVPs and meal choice updates, wedding planning couldn’t be simpler.

2. LadyMarry Wedding Planner 

LadyMarry Wedding Planner provides the perfect customizable checklist to help you prepare for your special day. Here you can create your ultimate wedding to-do-list, plus get plenty of tips to help you with your planning.The LadyMarry Wedding Planning app can also help connect you with local vendors, to check availability and make bookings. Using the wedding journal, you can jot down all your thoughts and inspirations, whether it’s your song list ideas or a reminder about the first deposit. You can sync your data with your loved ones so that you can make plans and exchange ideas together. If you’re not using a wedding planner it can be useful to spread the planning tasks amongst your family and friends.

3. Joy 

Joy is a free wedding planning app where you can manage your RSVPs, guests, and more. Using the app, you can gather your photos and share them, and you can also create a ‘private social network’ including all your wedding party guests! With the Joy app, you don’t have to worry about your invites getting lost, as everything you need is stored digitally. To make things more fun, you can customize the app using a special cover photo, fonts, and colors. As well as this, you can access your photos and data on the Joy website.

4. iWed Planner 

The iWed Planner app has plenty of excellent features, including a to-do-list, vendor tracking, and note-taking. You’ll find a place to organise your seating plan, calculate your budget, and keep on top of your RSVPs. The app is free and simple to use allowing you to take control of your important chores with no fuss!

When you’re planning a wedding there’s so much to think about, from the diamond engagement ring to the catering, the venue decor, and the dress. One things for sure, with the help of these five apps, you’ll be less stressed in the lead up to your special day!

Love Lilla xx

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