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Weddings are amazing. Big beautiful days full of joy, where families and friends come together, best friends get married and everyone has an amazing time, but weddings can also be stressful. This guide by top wedding photographer Simon Fazackarley shares tips on how to plan a stress-free wedding!

How to plan a stress-free wedding

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Weddings are big days, with an incredible amount of moving parts. There’s so much that can go wrong and something probably will! The important thing is to focus on what the day is about, the ceremony, the relationships, catching up with old friends! So long as you do those parts everything else will fall into place. So the weather isn’t perfect, or the flowers arrived and they are a slightly different colour, or maybe your uncle is running late and might miss the ceremony… in the grand scheme of things, these are tiny, but very easy to that consume your joy. The small things can only ruin your day if you let them.

How to plan a stress-free wedding

It’s all about the people

Weddings are about bringing together family and friends. The most important part of the day is always the people. From the laughter shared between friends, to the tears from a relative to the moment you see your partner from the end of the aisle – those emotions and human interactions are the important part.

Nothing else matters! You can spend a fortune on favours or months picking the perfect shade for your table plan – but on the day, aim to make it all about the people. Focus on having an amazing day with your friends and family. Focus on keeping guests entertained during the drinks reception and make sure you make time to see everybody who’s there. Surround yourself with your family and friends and the day will be amazing – everyone will go away feeling like they’ve had the best, most memorable day ever – they probably won’t even notice the colour of your table plan!

plan a stress-free wedding

Trust your suppliers

Hire the best and let them do what they do. Couples hire us for their photography because they know we’re going to take all of the stress out of their day and get amazing photos. Doing the same with all your suppliers will ensure your day runs smoothly and without stress. Trust the amazing caterer you picked to get that food out on time, trust the bar staff have enough booze – trust that the band will get the party going! If you’re second-guessing everything about the day – you’re not focusing on the important bits!!

enjoy your wedding stress free

Delegate for a stress free wedding

Get your friends and family on board. Some people will want to help with the planning, maybe you’ve relatives who are crafty and might want to help make things for your day. Maybe you have a bridesmaid who would relish being in control for a bit of the day and telling people where they need to be – giving your friends and family roles not only keeps them busy – but it will make them feel included and special. Bonus – it means less work for you, so you can just focus on having the amazing day you planned!

plan a stress-free wedding so you can enjoy the day and live in the moment

Trim the guest list

It’s better to have 50 guests you absolutely love, than 150 you barely know. If it doesn’t excite you to invite someone then don’t. Invest in the guests and your day will be all the better for it. Don’t feel pressured into inviting people that you don’t really want there you’ll only regret on the day. If you simply have to invite someone – consider making them an evening guest!

Love Lilla xx

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