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Clip-in hair extensions are best for those who have thin and short hairs and want instant volume and length in their hairs. If you are confused about whether seamless clip in remy hair extensions will suit your hairs or not, you are in the right place. You may notice when you go to buy clip-in hair extension, many stores or websites only tell you benefits, but we are here to provide you the pros and cons of clip-in extension. Keep reading before buying clip-in hair extensions. 


Pros of hair extensions

Instantly Add Hair Length and Volume

Most girls’ have hair fall problems, and their hairs are thin and short, so this extension is a great option for them. Clip-in hair extensions are the safest way to add length and volume in hairs in just a few minutes without visiting a salon. These extensions have weft with clips so you can apply it and add volume and length into the hairs by yourself. 

Easy for Newbies 

They are easy and fast to apply even for beginners who have never worn any type of extension in their lives. No heat, glue, or any tool required to wear them; you can achieve improvement in your hairs’ length and volume by yourself in under 2 minutes. 


These extensions are affordable because you can wear it by yourself and you don’t need to pay any installation cost; you have to buy just one pack of hairs for a full head (when you buy tape hair extension or others you have to buy 2 to 3 packs of full hairs).


Clip-in hair extensions are made with silicone lined clips, and lining with clip means your hairs are secure; after installing the clip-in extension, you will feel comfort and no tight feeling. 

Easy to Apply and Remove

There is no commitment when you wear clip-in hair extensions; you can easily install or remove them whenever you want. For installing clip-in hair extension, first, you have to separate your natural hair into sections and then attach the hair extension in all sections, continuing applying for each clip-in extension, and that’s it. For removing clip-in extensions, make sure your hairs are tangle-free. Part your hair just above where the extensions were placed; remove clip-in extensions and detangle them. Pick a dry place where you will store them. 

Ideal for Occasions 

If your special event or party is coming next week and you want to look most beautiful, but you can’t style your hairs because your hairs are too short and thin, then Clip-in hair extensions are ideal for you. These extensions can provide you length and volume in a minute that you are looking for, so after installing extensions, you can style them according to the occasion. 

Cons of hair extensions

Visible (if not attached correctly)

Sometimes when clip-ins are not attached properly, the clips are visible at the roots and not sit properly flat against the scalp. Youtube is filled with clip-in hair extension tutorials. You can watch and learn from Youtube so that the results look natural. If you want a ponytail or high buns, then clip-in hair extensions are not good for you. 


Clip-ins can solve our hair problems, but this solution is temporary; they don’t offer permanent solutions. When you wear them every day in the same position, you will feel stress and tense all day. Clip-in hair extensions are not for those who want a permanent solution. 

Needs Good Care

Clip-in hair extensions can be reused if you took wonderful care of your hair extension. Always remember to remove extensions before sleep or take a shower. The life of clip-in hair extension can range between 3 to 6 months to a year or longer, depending on the care they receive. Extra heat style and wash can damage your extensions, so try to keep the washing and using products on your extensions to a minimum. 


Unlike your natural hair, extensions don’t have natural moisture, so always try to moisturise them. Clip-in extensions blend smoothly into your hair, so no one can know your secret. Looking good every day is not easy; if you are using clip-in extension every day, then it’s necessary to uninstall and wash them every night before going to sleep. 

Love Lilla xx

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