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Globally, about 19 million people share the same birthday as you. If you’re someone who loves celebrating your birthday every year, then you love a fuss being made. But with the Coronavirus pandemic destabilising the world’s economy and keeping people in lockdown, celebrating is out of the question. What could you possibly do now to celebrate your birthday? Here are a few ideas to make your birthday special for yourself as you stay safe from the virus.

Do great things for other people

As you celebrate your new age, you may want to express your gratitude by giving people special things. There’s a level of satisfaction and fulfilment that comes with giving and your birthday is the best day to show some love and respect to your friends, family and even people you don’t know. There is nothing wrong with receiving gifts on your birthday – but giving and bringing smiles to the faces of other people makes it even more special. Established by Robyn Bomar over four decades ago, The Birthday Project encourages people to give back to their communities on their birthdays. Especially during this pandemic, it will be a nice gesture to donate to people who might be having it much worse than you. 

Get creative: make your own pandemic birthday cake

To most people, birthdays are fun when they are younger. However, as the older ages catch up with you, you may begin to feel unhappy that time is running out. However, your birthday is an excellent opportunity to reflect on how far you have come and how you can become even better. So, continue to be creative; do something new even if no one is around to celebrate your birthday with you. One simple way to do that is to bake your own birthday cake. Instead of ordering one cake from the store, be the MasterChef and exercise your creativity in the kitchen. By designing a simple DIY recipe, you can come out clean with a sumptuous birthday cake. You can even share some of it with your neighbours!

Zoom party

If you are spending your birthday alone due to the pandemic, why not arrange an online Zoom party with your friends? If you love music there are a multitude of song choices online that you can choose to sing and dance to at your party. From Rock and Roll bands or simply a Motown band, the choice is yours and it will help to provide you and your friends with endless hours of entertainment. 

Outdoor fitness

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Apart from going to the gym, which may now be restricted in some regions, you can still do some outdoor keep-fit activities on your birthday to improve your health and wellness. Take some time for self-care by stepping out of your home to meditate, exercise, and connect with nature. Some outdoor exercise routines you can engage in include jogging, hiking, walking, and biking. Since the COVID-19 outbreak is still ongoing, it’s advisable to stay safe by adhering to all the local regulations regarding time spent outdoors. 

Your birthday is a truly special day; make the celebration memorable by trying the above birthday ideas. Finally, whatever makes you feel comfortable, go for it while taking extra care of yourself. 

Love Lilla xx

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