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Cut costs on the wedding
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You have decided to get married but you don’t have the money to have the wedding of your dreams. The average cost of a wedding is £30,355. It’s a huge amount of money. Of course, you want a wedding that you will remember and you want a wedding that is beautiful. Below are some top tips to cut costs on the wedding of your dreams.


Sit down with your partner and decide what you want and start to prioritize those wants. Do you want to spend most of your money on the dress and catering or do you want to spend most of your money on having a disco for your guests? Having a conversation about the priorities will help you decide what you want and how much you will need to spend.

Wedding Date

Did you know that when you get married can affect the price you pay for your venue? If you choose the beginning of the week, this will make a huge difference in the cost of your wedding. Even opting for a winter wedding can also reduce your cost but again opting for the start of the week will be more cost-effective.


Choose a venue that offers you the best value and reflects the type of wedding you want. Consider alternatives such as hiring a marque or a venue that is a little more unique. Looking around your local area at potential venues will allow you to draw up a list of potentials.

Guest List

While it may be difficult, choosing your guest list from immediate family and working out will probably be the best option if you wish to cut costs. Ask yourself who you really want to share your day with and forget about that Great Uncle who you have never seen! You can also decide to eat at a restaurant which can offer great prices on set menus.


A great way of saving money and also making an impact on designing and printing your invitations. There are so many free design packages that you can use your artistic vibes and design your personal invitations. To save even more money you could email your invitations instead of posting. This also saves the planet by reducing the amount of paper and ink used.


This is an area you don’t want to cut costs as a professional photographer is a great way of capturing the memories of your day. Check out portfolios of wedding photographers, for example, if you visit Vittore Buzzi Photographer you will see what type of photographs you can expect.  


Don’t waste your time or money on providing guests with favours. Instead, pick an area you want to concentrate on such as the display of the table. Choosing areas to focus your cash on will certainly pay off and be a memorable day for you and your guests.


You could ask your local florist if they hire flowers and décor rather than buying fresh flowers. You could also decide to make yourself a brooch bouquet to hold walking down the aisle. Your florist also may have lanterns and vases they can hire you for the day. This will save you a lot of money. If you do wish to have fresh flowers then choose ones that are in season as this will save you money too.

The Cake

Rather than choosing a wedding cake specialist, you could decide to buy your cake from a supermarket. Or you could fake a wedding cake by purchasing one and decorating it yourself. This is a great idea if you want a wedding cake on a budget.


Sit down meals can be expensive. Instead, you could choose to have a buffet, picnic or barbeque. These are different options and will certainly make for a memorable day.

Wedding Dress

You could grab a bargain by buying your dress in the sales. You could also rent a wedding dress or search second-hand stores or online for a unique dress.


If you are having music at your wedding party then you could cut the costs of a DJ by using a playlist instead. You could also ask guests to recommend songs and prepare the playlist before your big day. That way they won’t be annoyed at what the DJ is playing!

These are just a few ways you can save costs on your wedding. Remember it is about value for money and when you put the word wedding in front of anything, it seems to raise the cost! These are just a few ideas to help you stretch your budget further.

Love Lilla xx

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