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Who doesn’t like getting something for free? In fact, there are people who actively search for ways to get their hands on something they don’t have to pay for, much like you are doing now. And there’s no shame in it. It’s like celebrating your birthday every time a free package arrives, and companies love giving the stuff away. However, getting that freebie isn’t always straightforward and simple. So, for all those freebie hunters who want to take things a step further, considers the following.

Avoid the Hype

It’s not a nice lesson to learn, but when something sounds unrealistic, chances are it is. Unfortunately, it remains difficult to draw the line between what is legit and what is purely unrealistic, especially when it comes to things that really get our attention. According to the Owner of, transactions in general, stay true to a balance. In other words, there’s an upside and a downside. But the moment the word FREE gets added to the mix, we prefer to ignore the downside and just focus on what we stand to gain.

Now, take into considerations that large corporations have no problem putting a price on your soul, and they will gladly take it if it means simply sending you a small sample of something. What you should take away from this is that you should never skimp past the terms and conditions of the freebie. Plus, ensure the freebie is actually legit.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

In addition to staying away from freebies that sound way too good, it is also recommended to maintain realistic expectations. Given that full-sized freebies will not help bring in money for the companies giving them away, they are going to tease you with “just enough”. The point of the process is that consumers can test the product, and hopefully, become hooked.

You should also know you won’t be getting every freebie you apply for. Of course, nobody is stopping you from applying consistently until you get that freebie, but also prepare yourself for some disappointment along the way. And once again, pay attention to terms and conditions, because they might be the reason you’re not getting anything.

Take the Initiative

If you really want to call yourself a freebie hunter, you will not wait for the offers to come to you. Instead, you’ll start writing letters to the companies. In these letters, you can inquire whether they are giving out any free samples, and if they are, they have to put you on the list. Alternatively, if you’ve used a product you really like, write a letter to the company that made it. Inform them of how happy you are with the product and you’ll continue supporting them. You’ll be surprised to see what lands in your mailbox after sending out a letter like that.

Freebies Don’t Come With Guilt

There are some good-hearted individuals in the world who feel bad after ordering a freebie. Won’t the company go broke? Can they really afford to give away free stuff?

You’ll be happy to know companies love giving out small freebies because the odds of adding another customer increase greatly. All it takes is one great sample to make people buy the product for years to come. Basically, the company is investing in itself by giving away freebies. You are doing them a favour by testing it out.

Get an Alternative Email

For the serious freebie hunters, get yourself a free alternative email and contact details to use, specifically for freebie business. The last thing you want is your primary email getting spammed, or you receiving calls at the worst possible times.

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