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There’s a lot of talk about how to decorate your home, but what about your garden? 

When it comes to garden decor, there are several places you can go – water features, plants and flowers, dining areas. But all of these possibilities can be improved by the right lighting in your garden. 

Good garden lighting has the power to both spruce up an already gorgeous garden and makes a standard garden look exciting. If you are looking to make your garden stand out, why not start here by choosing the right lighting. 

String lights

Of course, we have to start with string lights. Outdoor string lights are popular amongst garden designers right now for a reason. They are just so cute! 

garden lighting

Photo by CoryClayful on Pixabay

There are several you can choose from, whether they are coloured, bright or soft or just plain bulbs. By choosing the right string lights, you can transform your garden into a variety of different places. Do you want to feel like you’re in a Spanish villa? String lights will help you achieve that. A forest full of fairies? Easily done!

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are great to go over dining areas. Like flowers full of fireflies, these lights will illuminate your dining area with a sense of mysticism and keep you up chatting over a bottle of wine into the small hours. 

Hanging pendant lights at different heights will add layers to your garden, and create an intimate feel to your dinner parties, despite being out in the wide world. 

Some of this stuff can be a bit trickier to do yourself, so using companies like Randy Ryneski to set up your garden lighting can be smart. 


Candles scattered around the garden is an excellent way to achieve a boho feel. To increase the boho vibe, choosing candles of different heights and sizes really makes you appear vintage and effortless (despite actually putting quite a lot of effort in). 

garden lighting

Photo by GoranH on Pixabay

Of course, the outdoor world isn’t great for candles. On a windy day, you’ll struggle to light them in the first place, let alone keep them lit. 

It’s advisable to invest in some good candle holders, keeping them safe from the wind. If you choose carefully, you could end up with some candle holders that cast cool shapes in light on the garden, so keep an eye out!

LED sticks

LED sticks are great for illuminating a flower patch or gardening area. These sticks will draw the eye to all the effort you’ve put in. 

Plus, many LED lights can be controlled by an app on your phone regarding the light level and colour. The benefit of these lights is that you can change your garden’s vibe with a simple tap. 

Do you want blue lights for one dinner party and pink for another? Easily done with LED lights. 

Perfect garden lighting

Using the right lighting in your garden can change how it looks completely. Why not try to use a range of different lights, so you have many options available to you when sitting outside?

Love Lilla xx

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