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Not all jewelry is worth investing in. There are just some items of jewelry that level-up your outfit. They don’t have to be large or expensive, but they will make a lot of difference. 

Then there’s jewelry worth investing in – pieces that are timeless, and will hold value.

The saying goes that before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one thing – but in an uncertain world, why not go with more is more? See what jewelry is worth investing in.

jewelry worth investing in.

Jewelry worth investing in

Diamond Studs

The ultimate classic. Chic, understated, and just the right amount of flashy. We are no longer just looking at square or circle diamonds; there are so many more unique designers that you can find something very unique. 

Tennis Bracelet

A tennis bracelet is an absolute classic. They are a simple row of symmetrical gems, usually diamond. Incredibly simple but stunning. Most often, these can be worn totally alone, as they manage to hold their own. 

Simple Gold Necklace

Layering up necklaces can make any outfit look more relaxed or carefully curated. For a boho look, stack chains, stack rings, and use some salt spray in your hair. 

For a chic look, stick with a white or cream blouse or top, and have a few gold chains – or one gold chain. 

A gold chain does have to be expensive to pack a punch; they catch the light and give dimension to an outfit. 

When you are purchasing jewelry, one of the critical things is to do so from a reputable place, and where possible, opt for ethically sourced gems and precious metals. Not sure where your diamonds come from? Check out the infographic below. 

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