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Do you look at your home and feel like it’s time to do something new? You might be wondering where do I start? Refreshing your home and making it feel more up to date doesn’t have to cost the earth. There are many ways to do it and to get it right.

Refresh Your Home and Liven Up Your Walls

First of all, you should think about what you can do with the walls in your home. Are your walls dull and boring? Not sure what can be done with them. Why not be creative and try something new? You could create a feature wall or you could combine artwork and photography to create a visual theme. There are so many paths you can take, so find the way forward that works best for you.

Adopt an Entirely New Color Scheme

If you feel like the color scheme in your home is lacking and isn’t offering a visual impact, it’s time to change things up. Maybe the colors you currently have in place are a little too overwhelming and heavy. If that’s the case, it might be making the space feel darker and more confined. Swapping those colors for a light pastel aesthetic might be what you’re looking for.

Find a New Rug

Doing something new with the flooring is often a good idea. Tearing out the floor and adding new flooring is a lot of hard work and can be costly. If that’s not something that you want to take on, it might be a good idea to find a new rug. Choose one that has the aesthetic appeal you’re looking for and that offers a little more comfort underfoot. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference the right rug can make.

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Have a Big Clearout

Maybe it’s about time you had a big clear-out in your home. If you haven’t done this for a while, you might be noticing that your home is feeling a little weighed down under all the possessions that are filling up all the space that you have available to you. By having a clear-out, you’ll be able to get rid of things that you don’t need and make the space feel much freer and hopefully more refreshed. To help you with getting rid of your old things, you might want to rent a dumpster as they can be affordably priced and delivered to you as and when you need them, freeing you up from having to go back and forth to drop your junk off at a waste disposal site by yourself.

Install New Windows or Doors

If your windows & doors are not up to date and they’re currently not doing a great job of letting in the natural light, it’s definitely a good idea to think about having them replaced if that’s something that you haven’t considered doing already. Install new doors and windows and do what you can to make sure they’re able to let in as much natural light as possible because this will have a huge impact on the way your interiors look and feel.

Rearrange the Furniture

Rearranging your furniture might not sound like a huge change, but you’d be surprised at how much of a difference it really can make in your home. By moving things around a little, you really can make the space feel completely new and refreshed, especially if you’re been living with the same arrangement of furniture for many years now. Have fun with it and experiment with new ideas if you want to.

Swap Out the Light Fixtures and Faucets

Swapping out small things that might be a little outdated or past their best is another good idea if you want to refresh your home. For example, swapping out your light fixtures and installing new faucets is definitely a good idea if it’s been a while since you did that. Your bathroom will look refreshed and new if you swap out old faucets for brand new ones. And it’s an affordable upgrade to make.

Each of these changes will help you to create a home that feels truly refreshed and up to date. That’s the way it should be and it’s what you should be striving for when making changes to your property. So get started with these ideas and turn your home into a place that feels more relevant to you.

Love Lilla xx

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