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While you may have invested a lot of time and money into choosing the right makeup for your style
and skin type, you may not have considered the space in which you apply it. Having your own,
designated makeup station can make it nicer to spend time putting your face on, especially if you’ve
made it comfortable. Having a makeup station doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds on
specially designed equipment. Instead, you could look for ways to improve the space where you
currently store and apply your products.

Lighting and Mirrors

Applying your makeup can be a fairly tricky process, which is why ample lighting is needed. Not only
so that you know you are applying to the correct parts of your face, but also so you can check that all
blending has been completed properly. You may opt to have a makeup mirror with LED Hut G9 bulbs
at your makeup station, so that you can be sure of the quality of your work. There is nothing worse
than going out and realising that your foundation is streaky, or that you hadn’t blended properly due
to poor lighting. Mirrors with lights can also be a great idea for smaller rooms and makeup stations,
as they combine two essential products into one.

Makeup Station Storage

You don’t want your brushes, sponges, and products themselves to become damaged or unusable
from incorrect storage. While you could opt to buy makeup cases and caddies, it is also possible to
make storage pots yourself. Not only will this keep your items organised, and where you need them,
but it will also allow you to inject a bit of your personality into the design and creation of these
items. By storing your makeup and utensils correctly, they are more likely to last for longer.
In addition to storing correctly, it is also important that they are not stored for too long. Makeup
items tend to have a picture of a bottle or pot on them, alongside a number, which denotes how
long they can safely be stored before they should be disposed of.


Although it would be nice to have a table solely for makeup, this may not be feasible, particularly if
your bedroom is small and already fairly cramped. Despite this, you can still have some form of
makeup station. If you have a chest of drawers or even a bedside table, you could opt to upcycle this
furniture, so that it can still be used for its original purpose, but also give you somewhere a little bit
more glamourous to apply your makeup. If there is space, a simple dressing table can also be
fantastic, especially if you can put a little stool underneath.
Having a makeup station doesn’t mean you need to take over a large area of the home or deny other
household members their own space. By considering the space available for you to use, you can
come up with ideas to make the time you spend applying your products that bit more pleasurable.

Love Lilla xx

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