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Everyone’s lives have been put on hold the last 18months, and that includes big life events like weddings. I know several people that have had to cancel or postpone their big day. Some have chosen to wait until they can proceed with their original big plush wedding. While others have decided that they don’t want to wait and will be having smaller ceremonies as per local restrictions. Here are my tips to make your lockdown wedding as amazing as possible.

lockdown wedding tips
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Wedding Photo Apps

With the guest list being greatly reduced, you may not want to want to reduce numbers too much by having a band, a wedding planner or even a photographer. Whether you choose to hire a professional or not, getting your guests to download an app to share the wedding photos they take with you is a great idea.

You can even add photo suggestions to the table asking guest to capture certain things they see. Like a candid photo of the couple, pictures of the first dance, cutting the cake, or whatever moments feel special to you.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Depending on your wedding party size, or even where your bridesmaids live compared to you, it may not be easy to shop for bridesmaid dresses together. Instead turn to the internet and visit somewhere like https://www.promdressfinder.co.uk/ to find the perfect look.

Do you want them all to wear the exact same dress, or the same colour? Maybe you like similar dresses in a particular colour palette. Be clear with your bridesmaids so that they know what to order. I’d also recommend confirming a dress prices with them all before you choose if they are buying their own dress.

BBQ Buffet for outdoor wedding

If you’re hosting a wedding outside, consider shying away from table service and set menus and have a BBQ buffet instead. You can still socially distance by calling a table at a time to get their food. It’s also easy to cater to different dietary needs using alternatives to meat, or offering non-gluten options. Now you just have to get some inspiration for your BBQ menu.

Live Stream the ceremony

Just because you have to restrict guest numbers physically, doesn’t mean that your nearest and dearest can’t still watch you get married, you can always live stream the ceremony, or the speeches and first dance.

Even after lockdown you may want to live stream your wedding for loved ones outside of the country or those who live far away and can’t attend.

Video Lockdown Wedding Speeches

Similarly to live streaming your ceremony, it may be that some one special can’t attend your wedding because they are high risk, or facing other restrictions. It could be a nice idea to get those people to film a wedding speech or message to the happy couple and play during the wedding.

If you do get married in lockdown, I wish you every happiness. It may not be the wedding you dreamed of but it will still be a very special day.

Love Lilla xx

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