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I’ve lived in my flat coming up to 4 years now. It’s been my little safe haven, a sanctuary and really the place I’ve grown the most in. When I purchased the flat I was still with my ex, it was meant to be a stepping stone for us to build our future. Now it symbolises something much different. A new me, an independent woman, supporting herself and building her life on her own terms. Just like I’ve had an update, it’s time to think about updating my flat.

Update my double glazing

Updating my flat starting with the double glazing
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My flat does have double glazing through out. However it was clear that his was done in stages from the variation in double glazed windows and the different conditions of them. Luckily when I do start updating my flat, I won’t need to worry about replacing all off the windows. The windows in my front room have developed a powdery residue within the glass that I don’t like the look of, and they don’t seem to close fully which results in a draft all year round. The benefits of replacing these windows will also be reflected in my sale price making it an investment.

Replacing my front door

Updating my flat - new door
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I live in purpose built terraced flats. Think terraced houses but instead upstairs is one flat and downstairs another. My neighbours and I have noticed that it may be time to update the doors. While they are secure once they are shut, because of the age of the buildings and the doors, the latch just doesn’t catch sometimes. This can be very frustrating.

I like to feel secure and have added additional locks, but it may be time to invest in a newer door. Possibly a composite door with a new frame, to update the exterior of the flat, but also insure that it closes properly.

Treating and replacing my floorboards

updating my flat floorboard update
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I hate carpet. It’s a throwback to my first uni house where the carpet was vile. It still makes my throat tense up thinking about it. The only room currently that has carpet in my flat is the lounge. In one of the earlier stages of the pandemic, being at home so much I got a bee in my bonnet and ripped up the carpet in my stairs and hallway.

It took a lot of elbow grease, but I sanded and painted all the floorboards by myself. However, I could do with replacing some of the floorboards to make it look neater and level. Or even replace it with laminate wood flooring that would run thought the flat.

Updating my flat with a kitchen refresh

My kitchen has lovely bones. I like counter tops, the layout is fine with a few tweaks. Currently, I have both an undercover fridge and freezer. I’d like to get a freestanding Fridge-freezer, and replace the current space with a tumble dryer and some drawers. It’s just a lot more practical for my lifestyle.

The cabinets are MDF wood – I’d like to paint them, maybe a grey colour and update the handles. I’d also like to give it a bit of a paint to brighten the room as a whole as part of a small home refresh.

The blind for the large kitchen window came with the flat. It’s a random lime green, which doesn’t match anything in the room. I’d like to replace it wither with a neutral colour blind.

Adding a wood burner to my lounge

In my lounge used to sit a gas heater, which had a boiler for the flat integrated into it. I knew it was only a matter of time before it would break, and that time was last summer. Now fitted with a brand new much more effective boiler, I am left with a great whole in my wall were the heater once sat. I’ve covered it with a small radiator cover for now, but in the future I’d love to put a wood burner in. I love the aesthetic, but I also love a warm fire in the winter.

Love Lilla xx

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