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5 minute make up

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Where makeup application is concerned, the stereotype that women take ages to get ready tends to be unfortunately apt. By the time we’ve chosen a look and painstakingly applied numerous products, it isn’t unusual for even an everyday finish to take at least half an hour. And, if you have to wake up early or bypass your morning cuppa, the chances are that you’re getting pretty fed up with the slog.

Mornings should be all about ease, after all, and this applies to your everyday makeup, as well. Obviously, nights out and special occasions are an exception. But if you’re looking to take the makeup mountain out of your workday mornings, here are some handy 5 minute make up tips to help you look your best (yes, really!)

5 Minute Make Up Tips

Get organised

An organised, pre-prepared makeup station is a non-negotiable aspect of speed, and it couldn’t be easier to achieve. Predominantly, you want to make sure that all of your heavy-use items are within hand’s reach at any given time. This may mean setting up a ‘regular go-tos’ section on your dressing table. Or simply organising your drawers with makeup holders that allow you to categorise items by their usage levels. Either way, this can ensure that your hand falls directly on what you need when you sit down each morning. 

Minimise your makeup needs

Full foundation and thick eyelashes might have been the vibe a decade ago, but the times have moved to a much more natural makeup. This in turn, should take up far less of your time. Unfortunately, many of us continue to slather on makeup products that are often unnecessary. Concealer, for instance, has become a go-to for many of us even when there’s nothing to conceal. Equally, BB & CC creams can have minimal overall impact when we’re just piling one product on top of the other.

To avoid this, strip things back, or at least ask yourself why you’re reaching for so many products. In some cases, this may come down to insecurities. These are often better off being addressed with long-lasting confidence boosters like botox cosmetic injectables or self-love practices. Perhaps you’re just on autopilot and haven’t even considered the products you could probably cut out. You may even find that you’re simply using substandard products that require far more layers to look good. Either way, getting to the root of the problem, is guaranteed to cut your makeup routine in half. 


Stock up on quality tools

Outdated or limited application tools also drastically add to your makeup application time. Often requiring much more long-winded applications, guaranteed to drag on. Luckily, there are now some amazing quality tools out there that can address this issue and cut your beauty routine in half.

The thing to remember here is that you don’t want to add excessive amounts of tools that complicate rather than simplifying your beauty routine overall. Rather, you want to cherry-pick a few time-saving tools that you’re guaranteed to reach for every day. Eyeliner stencils are a fantastic example of this, as are brushes designed with ease in mind like the Complex Culture collection. With these to hand, you can guarantee a perfect finish that you’re able to pull out of the bag by sparing just a few minutes each morning. 

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Consider your formulas

The right tool kit can take you far, but it’s also worth considering the makeup formulas you’re spending money on. For instance, creams are pretty much exclusively quicker to apply and blend than powder foundations, blushes, and eye shadows. Equally, stick foundations that can double up as concealers are a fantastic solution. Purchasing multi-use products like blushes also designed for lip and eyes can help you whip through a 5-minute makeup routine . 

Makeup needn’t be an extreme time commitment. If you’re struggling to make time for yourself each morning, it’s time you cut down on the application time. With a five-minute routine under your belt, you can bet that beauty will have never felt, or looked, better. 

Love Lilla xx

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