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It’s been a while since you’ve dated. The tears that helped you mourn the end of your last relationship have dried up. You’ve been going out with your friends more, maybe experimenting with the way you dress or picked up a new hobby. You’re ready to get back out there, but you’re not sure where to start.

Dating may be different to what it was last time you did it. Whether that was 20 years ago pre-online dating or 2-years ago when you could actually meet people in the real world. But don’t worry, here are some tips to get you going.

Getting back into dating

So, meeting new people in a pandemic is hard. Your best bet at free dating is to go online or use an app. Let’s start by setting up your profile. Does anyone enjoy this part? Don’t do it on your own. You see yourself very differently to how others do. You’re your own worst critic as they say.

Grab a friend to help you create the perfect profile. Go through your photos and let them help you choose the ones that you use. For one, they may say some great things about you and make you appreciate parts of you you never noticed before. But as they won’t be as harsh as you would, and might pick photos that show off your personality or the traits that they love about you.

Get them to help you fill out the other part of the profile too! Again, it’s amazing to learn how your loved ones see you, and this could really make your profile pop.

Age is just a number

When you’re older even the idea of dating can be daunting, let alone dating online, when technology may not be your strong point. But don’t let anything stop you. If you want to date or meet someone in later life, go for it! Your never too old to find love.

If you do want to start off testing the waters online, then why not join a retired dating site? It may suit you to date someone who is in a similar time of their life to you and become a true companion.

Virtual dating ideas

Growing in popularity since lockdown, virtual dates can be a life saver. You can get a vibe of the person you’ve been talking to without leaving your home and it’s easier to leave if you aren’t feeling it.

But if you are feeling it and want to continue virtual dating for whatever reason – long distance, travelling or even another lockdown (let’s hope not!). It may be fun to just video chat, but later on down the line, why not jazz it up your virtual dates?

  • Watch a movie together
  • Take a virtual Museum tour
  • Solve a virtual escape room together
  • Play a game together

Going offline

When it is time to meet your potential match in person, make sure that you take precautions. Always meet in public the first time, and let your friends know that you’re on a date and where you will be.

Let me know your tips for getting back into dating in the comments below.

Love Lilla xx

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