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Tiles seem to have stolen centre stage when it comes to interiors this year. Normally, people focus on wallpaper or paint, but in 2021 there have been some major Tile Trends. Whether it’s switching to minimal decor complimented by statement floor tiles, or embracing a full theme, here are some of the top tile trends for 2021.

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terracotta tile trends

Terracotta floor tiles have been a growing interior trend for a few years now. Perfect for an entrance hall or kitchen, terracotta tiles can add warmth to a space. Depending on the type of terracotta tile and the tone, it can match perfectly with warm orange neutrals, against a white background, or teamed with a country cottage style kitchen. They’re a lot more versatile than you realise.

Patterned Tiles

patterned tile trends

Repetitive patterned tiles are also a big trend in 2021. The patterned tile can be used in multiple ways, including adding some flare to a staircase by using them on the stair front. Similarly they can be used to match a monochromatic room, or even allow you to create a more intricately patterned floor by adding a different boarder or plain tiles to the edge of the flooring.

Hexagonal Tiles

Hexagonal tiles add a layer of texture to a surface, and can compliment a space in multiple ways, like mixing and matching different tiles like in the picture below. Or you can stick to the same tile colours and play with the grout colour – think white hexagonal tiles with a gold or dark grey grout. You could also create an ombre effect using a gradient of colours.

Marble Floor Tiles

Marble is a classic floor tile choice. It’s hard wearing, versatile and timeless. Available in varying colours and sizes, one thing to think of when looking to use marble is practicality. Marble bathroom or kitchen floors are stunning, but make sure you test how slippery your tile choice is before commiting.

Wooden Floor Tiles

A long time favourite in the UK for non-carpeted areas – wooden floor tiles. Depending on what tiles you are looking at there are so many options for wood flooring. Colour, grain size and tile size, is just the start of it.

Parquet wooden flooring is when tiles are placed in a different pattern to normal wooden floorboards and is seeing a massive revival in 2021.

wooden floor tile trends

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