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A garden can be a lovely place to spend your time. It’s open and airy, there’s plenty of insects and birds to watch, and you can sip Piña Coladas as long as the sun is up and you’re under some shade! All in all, if you’ve got a garden space you can turn it into your own slice of paradise! 

However, a lot of people feel like their garden isn’t that nice a place to be in. That needs to change. After all, as long as you know what makes a garden enticing, you’ll be able to set up the space you deserve out there, and catch some rays and get plenty of fresh air in the process. 


Even with little space, you can make a garden look like paradise! (Pexels Image – CC0 Licence)

Plenty of Plants!

How many plants do you think is enough for a garden space? Maybe one or two big, statement flowers? Or a few smaller, creeping flowers? Maybe a tree in the background to really bolden the horizon? Well, no matter how you feel about plants, if there’s plenty of them in the back yard, you’ll want to spend time out there!

You’ll have a properly utilised and designed space, and you’ll have a lot of colour out there, and you’ll certainly attract a lot of wildlife that can be fun to watch. Maybe you’ll be able to build a hedgehog den, or put in a small pond for that family of frogs that’s moved in? 

Somewhere Cozy to Sit

If you have somewhere you can take a seat and not be disturbed by every single wasp and butterfly, as well as be sheltered from the harsh Midday sun, you’ll have a wonderful place in your garden you’ll want to spend time in! After all, it’s a covered area that you can find some peace in, and you won’t be fending off the kind of insects that can make quite a few of us uncomfortable… 

Say you have a patio space right outside your back door – why not get a flyover roof fitted on top of it? Or if you have a lawn space that stretches the length of the garden, why not set up a gazebo near the back fence, that’ll help keep you in the shade but still give you plenty of sun exposure at the same time? They’re both cozy setups that are very enticing!

A Nice View

And of course, if there’s something nice to look at in the garden, you’re going to want to be out there looking at it! Even if there’s a fence in the way, or you’re nowhere near a hill or the sea, you can still have a nice view – you’ve just got to make it yourself! Maybe some decoration on the back fence? Fairy lights in the gazebo? Plenty of water features and rock gardens dotted around? They all blend in together in a lovely way! 

Is your garden enticing enough? 

Love Lilla xx

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