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Not everyone is a professional interior designer, but most people handle their interior decor projects, making common design mistakes. Of course, you don’t need to have the professional experience to spruce up your home’s interior-at least some of it. You need to know what you want, what works, and how to pull it off. Besides, there are elements like space, colour, placement, and lighting that enhance any decor theme – and this is where most people make mistakes. So are you considering any home decor project soon? Here are some mistakes to avoid. 

Ignoring measurements will cause interior decor mistakes

How often have you purchased an artwork, floor rug or piece of furniture only to realize it’s either too big or too small? A common mistake many people make during an interior project is not taking precise measurements. This is usually due to relying on your inexperienced eye to scale measurements accurately. Due to this, you are bound to make mistakes when placing furniture, art pieces, rugs, and so on- you may go for items that are large or too small. When your pieces are too large, they eat up space and limit the number of things you can add. When they’re too little, they give you the impression you can add more and end up cluttering your space. Getting your measurements right means finding ways to incorporate different design element sizes or heights perfectly.

Shopping in one store

Shopping for all your interior decor needs in one store is convenient, isn’t it? However, making all your purchases from one outlet limits the options available to you, not to mention a chance to compare price tags and take advantage of better deals. Buying from different stores will help you source from various brands. This way, even if you prefer one decor style, your interior still won’t look cluttered. Another reason you might want to avoid one-stop shopping is buying the whole set. Again, the convenience it offers is irresistible sometimes, but that takes away the dynamic element from your interior design.

Hanging art

Hanging art is the easiest way to transform a dull-looking wall into something lively, but you need to get it right. Whether you opt for oil paintings or framed pictures of cherished memories, picking the right position on the wall and art size to use is everything. 

If you want to avoid creating nasty nail holes and marks on your wall, take the time to first measure and trace the sizes on a piece of paper and tape it onto your wall to ensure you have your placing and size right. You can also mix your art and picture sizes. You can find amazing picture frames of any size from this website that you can use to add dynamism. Don’t hesitate to try out various colours, textures, positions etc. You can even choose to stand your large paintings or artwork on the floor instead of hanging them. You might have to try out numerous placement options before you find the right one. 

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