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If you are wondering how you can improve your home and make it look fantastic then look no further. Here is a handy guide that will ensure you turn every room into a beautiful room in your home and it looks the best it can. 

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Living Room

There are so many things you can do in your living room. If you find yourself the owner of a tiny living room then there are ways you can expand your space and make it seem larger than it is. An excellent trick is to hang a mirror on the wall opposite the entrance door, this will give the impression of a much larger space. Another thing you can do is ensure you have at least one wall that is painted a light colour. You should also make sure that your ceiling is a light colour, this gives the contrast of a much larger room. If you go for slimline furniture rather than big bulky stuff it will also make you feel like you have a lot more room to play with.

When you are placing your furniture make sure it doesn’t go fully against any walls in your living room. This will make the space feel smaller and more cramped. As will hanging long heavy curtains if you have a really small space or you are placing furniture in front of the windows. Choosing blinds from a company like ABC Blinds can help you to still maintain your privacy without adding extra bulky features to a room.

If you have a huge space don’t try and fill it all. This is a common misconception and it can leave you and your guests feeling cramped and confined. Instead, go for sophisticated pieces of furniture and have a feature wall. You could place the TV on your feature wall. 


One huge tip for the bedroom is to be careful when choosing colours. Make sure you don’t go for anything too bold as the bedroom is a relaxing, cosy place. If you have bright bold colours it will take a while for your brain to switch off when you go to bed. If you have a favourite colour in mind, go for the toned-down version. An example of this is if you like purple, opt for a lovely lavender shade for the bedroom. 

Choose something you want to be the main focus of the bedroom, for most people this is the bed. Other people may choose the TV as the main focal point if you have one in your room. This is completely up to you, but whichever is the main focus point will depend on how you decorate it. You could even go for both and get one of those fancy beds with the TV that comes out of the end of it. 


Finally, make sure your exterior matches the interior. There is no point in having a beautiful inside if the outdoors looks tired and worn out. You might have heard of curb appeal, this is how your home and garden looks from an outside perspective. Make sure your grass is always trimmed and watered, this will make it look happy and healthy. 

One thing you could do, if it’s possible, is opt for a thatched roof on your property. A thatched roof is beautiful and will finish any property off perfectly. They do require some upkeep though, they can suffer from moss and lichen if they don’t dry properly between getting wet. Unfortunately, this is a given being in the UK as it rains most of the time. 

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