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It is a very exciting and tense time in your life right now. You are planning your wedding and the wedding to-do list is the place to start! In order to avoid the stresses of trawling through many pages of magazines and internet pages, here is a list of the top things that should be at the top of your wedding planning list. 

Wedding To-Do List

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At the top of your wedding to-do list should be where your wedding will be held. There are so many choices for this you could end up feeling a little confused and overwhelmed. You have the option of attending your weddings at a church and then having a separate reception venue. Or if you are not too fussed about a church wedding then you could have the ceremony and reception in the same place. 

There are a lot of venues that give you the option of doing both at the same place. This is often included in a bundle for asset price. They can also offer you catering if you are interested in that. Now for the next item on your wedding to-do list.


Once you have sorted the venue you need to decide what entetainemnt, if any, you want at your wedding. Traditionally there is a DJ at a wedding watching over the dance floor and providing tunes all day or all night long. You could skip out on tradition and do things your way. You could make your own playlist and use a platform such as spotify or apple music to play songs through speakers at your wedding. This saves you money on a DJ but you run the risk of your device not pairing up with the speakers or running out of music halfway through the night. 

You could always hire a band to play at your wedding. Wedding band hire is a great idea and much more personal than a DJ or music platform. You can meet with them to discuss which songs to play and how long you wish for them to stay. You and your guests will be dancing the night away. 


Once you have sorted the venue and your entertainment there is an important aspect to figure out. The dress!! This is a very exciting time for the bride as you get to try on lots of pretty dresses. You might already have an idea of which type of dress you want to wear. There is a cliche that every girl has their dream wedding dress already planned out. This may be true and it is just a matter of finding the shop that sells it. 

However, you might find that the dress you had in mind goes out the window on the day. You could fall in love with a dress that is completely different from anything you envisioned. Take along some friends and family members to give you opinions of dresses you try on. You might actually find THE DRESS on your first visit to shops. 


Finally, one last thing to sort out. Rings for both you and the groom. You can go ring shopping together to find bride and groom sets. These are sets that come with both rings as a package. It can be a great way to save money on individual rings. However, the ring you proposed with may already have its partner in crime. So it is just a matter of finding the ring for the groom. Make sure you shop around and don’t just settle on any old ring. 

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