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Friend That Just Had a Baby

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Christmas is coming. You might be starting to think about what to get your loved ones, especially if you didn’t get to meet up last year. Your closest friend has just recently had a baby, so you might be wondering, what shall I get her? Considering she has her own place, a partner and now a new bundle of joy. Well here are some ideas to get you feeling inspired on what to get your friend with a newborn. 

A Pamper Session

Chances are your friend’s tired and should be treated to much needed pampering and TLC. She will be exhausted and not have any time for herself now the baby has arrived. Buy her a pamper session so she can relax for a few hours when she’s ready to leave her little one. 

Buy some nice face masks to get rid of those dark circles from lack of sleep. Or a nice nail kit and pop round to hers to have your own pamper session with a few drinks. This will help her to relax for a bit with and she won’t need to worry about leaving her little one behind. 

Baby Clothes

There are lots of cute outfits or accessories that you could buy if you want to get your friend some nice baby clothes as a gift. It something she will be using a lot of, so it will be put to good use. 

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Soft Toy 

All babies to love cuddling a brand new soft toy as they lay in their cot . Why not get your friend a cute and soft cuddly toy that they can give their baby for comfort at night. You could browse the playtime section at for even more gift ideas. You never know it might become their baby’s favourite. 

Personalised Photo Album 

Put together some lovely photos of past memories which will remind your friend of good times she spent with you prior to the pregnancy. She would have been so preoccupied with all things baby related that it’s nice to have gentle reminders of when she would go out with friends and have a laugh. 

Baby Book

This is a great opportunity for your friend to keep and display all of her baby’s first milestones a book. She will then be able to show her little one when they are older. All the first year experiences that they had such as first word, first time they walked and first Christmas.

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