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Home to over 600,000 people from literally every walk of life, Brighton is a hotspot for the world’s trendiest scenes. With diversity embraced on its streets rather than turned away as it might be elsewhere. As such, the majority of people moving here have a keen eye for design, and their homes are no different. 

From the iconic window that you’ll see as you walk Brighton’s streets to the bright household exteriors of iconic locations like Blaker Street. It’s certainly clear to see that Brighton residents are a creative bunch. Joining that fold can feel something like a rite of passage. The question is, what exactly are the best decor tips for creating a unique home fit for Brighton’s striking landscape?

Keep it bright and airy

As is always the case with properties by the sea, bright and airy decor is inevitable for any Brighton home. White walls and large windows provide a fantastic way to get your daily dose of vitamin D and let the light in. Large patio doors onto your outdoor space are essential for enjoying a much-needed cup of coffee outdoors in the morning. While large sash windows are perfectly in keeping with the classic. Given that Brighton can fall foul to rainy and windy condition, this focus will help you keep your home feeling fresh and sunny, regardless of what’s happening outside. And, that’s going to help you to overlook those blustery days and keep Brighton’s generally positive outlook closer to home.

Make the most of your view

Speaking of large windows, it’s also essential that you make the most of your Brighton view.You have a views of the sea, or you may live in one of Brighton’s many bright and wonderful terraced streets. You can guarantee that you’ll have something worthwhile to look at. In your living room, direct furniture towards your windows rather than additional features like a television. In rooms like your bedroom, ensuring the installation of windows directly in front of your bed is a fantastic way to wake up. Make sure, too, that you install sheer curtains so that you can also catch a glimpse of the Brighton skyscape to remind you of the exciting city that you’ve chosen as home. 

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Find ways to add an edge

Brighton has always been an edgy and diverse place, with the most unique population you’ll find anywhere in the UK. Edgy decor is typically at the heart of great Brighton homes, and it’s something that you’re going to want to make space for to get your property here just right. Of course, what counts as edgy is very much a personal opinion.

A few ideas worth exploring include bright home exteriors, wall murals for end-terrace houses, and even unique potted plant front gardens. Fairy lights to add a point of interest that passers-by are going to love. Indoors, trends like clutter-core are doing the rounds, with ornaments and artwork providing fantastic points of interest. Equally, a unique Brighton property could benefit from style focuses like industrial, where exposed brick, bare concrete, and industrial pipe furniture provide cutting-edge funky finishes. Think about Brighton’s vibrant streets, and consider how you would best reflect those in your exterior and interior design focuses. 

Highlight all of those features

Brighton has a rich history, and most of its properties reflect that. Houses in areas like Regency Square especially filled with some amazing historical features including iconic sash windows, classic balconies, and open fireplaces.

Equally, decorative ceiling cornices and light fixtures can still be found in many of these properties. All of which you’re probably going to want to honour if you’re considering decorating or renovation of an old home like this. Of course, that’s not to say that you need to make do with dated additions or those that don’t fit with your vision. A classic fireplace might feel slightly odd alongside industrial trends if that’s the path you’ve chosen to go down! However, finding ways to highlight natural features while still fitting with your trend choices overall is a must.

Whether you achieve this by re-doing that fireplace or restoring classic features with stylish, coloured frames. Either way, you should find that making the most of features like these, or even centering decor around them if that feels right, can help to embrace the iconic and often-groundbreaking history of this location. Try to choose a theme or color scheme to tie everything together.

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Focus on your artwork

A wide array of creative individuals move to Brighton, meaning that there’s art and unique self-expression wherever you look. Whether you’re an artist or simply can’t get enough of Brighton’s art scene, it’s worth incorporating art into your decor. Murals certainly aren’t unusual across the city and are well worth exploring if you’re willing, able, and know a friendly local artist who can get to work for a commissioned piece like this. Equally, something more subtle, like gallery walls in your home, can look great and add to those Brighton-like vibes. Even better, local artists that include iconic figures such as Simon Dixon and Anna Kyriacou are on-hand to provide prints that bring Brighton and its lifestyle/values to life. These are guaranteed to look great on your wall, and add a local touch. 

Shop locally

Want to add a local touch to your decor efforts? It’s also important to remember that Brighton has some great shops. You’re going to want to take advantage of in your quest to both decorate and fill your local property. Independent shops like Tidy Store are especially great for adding local additions that make your property pop. While Brighton’s Flea Market almost always has some interesting home additions to offer.

Decor-specific shops including Papillion Living and Abode Living offer undeniably valuable home decor options, including tableware, lighting, and wall art that’s a particularly great fit for any Brighton property.

That’s not to say, of course, that you can’t still bring a little of the outside in. Using pieces that you’ve collected on your travels also fitting well with the mishmashed but somehow perfectly balanced Brighton community. However, as a local and a lover of what the city has to offer, a few local excursions certainly can’t hurt. 

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Always add more

Brighton is a city that never stays still, with something new always around to see. With that in mind, there’s no place here for a stagnant property that labels itself done from a decor standpoint. Instead, the best Brighton properties are those that are also always changing and growing. Not necessarily in the major ways (no one wants to repaint constantly, after all). But in the sense of additions like new artworks, trinkets, and even just new plants with which to line your balcony. In every instance, you ensure that your property remains a living, breathing part of the city. That’s sure to help you fit seamlessly into a community that you’ll never want to leave. 

A final word

Brighton properties are unique. Not just for their history, but also in the way that they look. They draw visitors in using bright terraces and iconic locations including Regency Square. Of course, properties here tend to be on the pricey side. With the average home costing as high as £467,983 you’re going to want to get every aspect of design right to maximise your investment. Hopefully these tips will help you find a home you love in Brighton for a long time to come. 

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