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Spring wedding

Spring is nearly here, and that means Wedding season is about to kick off. Some are planning their Spring wedding for the first time, others may be re-arranging a cancelled pandemic wedding. The perks of a bright Spring wedding, are the hope of sunshine, and spending sometime outdoors. You can be more playful with your decorations and food options, or even have a fresh Spring signature cocktail. Which ever category you fit into, I have some great Spring wedding ideas to help you out.

Bridesmaid Dresses

You’ve got your girl squad excited, you’ve asked them to be part of your wedding. Now it’s time for the dreaded Bridesmaid dress shop.

First you need to decide on colour, there are two approaches. The first is picking one colour, and this can be one colour and one dress design, or one colour, and different dress options. The perks of going with one colour and multiple dresses, is that each bridesmaid can find a wedding dress that flatters them best. Not sure on styles, here is a useful guide talking about prom dresses that suit you.

The second is going for a tonal effect with the colours. So, this can create lovely wedding photos with your bridesmaids posing in a gradient.

Wedding Photo Sharing App

No doubt you have already arranged a wedding photographer, and have planned all the poses, and images you want from your wedding. But, sometimes the best wedding photos are candid shots taken by guests in the moment. That’s why I would suggest setting up either wedding photos app like Wedding Photo Swap , and asking your guests to download and share their snaps.
Another option is to provide your guests with disposable cameras for you to develop later. However, this option is a lot more expensive, and means you would have to manually scan them in if you wanted to make an online wedding album.

Spring Wedding Favours

Wedding favours can be tricky and often get left behind. Let’s face it, who really wants to keep a knick-knack with your name and wedding date on it at home? Why not try something a bit more playful, and linked with Spring?

I love the ideas of giving wild flower bombs – or in plan english, little packets filled with wild flower seeds, that the guest can literally spill in their garden and watch them grow. There’s also a lovely metaphor there for your love and marriage. The packets are also easy to put in a small bag or pocket, guests won’t forget them. An alternative is mini succulent or cacti plants to take away as favours.

Spring Inspired Wedding Decor

When I think of a Spring wedding, I always picture a light, airy and fresh aesthetic, surrounded with blooms and a lot of greenery. In an ideal world, i.e. not the UK, I’d host at least part of the wedding outside surrounded by nature.

But if that’s not an option, you can always bring the outside in, using a lot of woods, neutral tones and plant cuttings. I always look to Pinterest for inspirations, there are so many boards for whatever look you are going for, and you might be surprised with what you end up with.

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Love Lilla xx

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