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Planning a wedding can be a stressful state of affairs. There’s so much to organise that the vast majority of people end up feeling completely overwhelmed with the entire process. This means that we can often miss out on smaller details along the way. One area that people often forget is making sure that their wedding guests completely know what is going on. The majority of couples will simply send out a wedding invitation with a date and time. But this often results in messages about details that can then be difficult or time consuming to answer. Instead, by considering guests’ FAQs and other elements of the guests’ day beforehand, you can reduce stress and help things go more smoothly. Here are some suggestions that can help with this.

A Wedding Website or Detailed Invitation

To provide your guests with all of the information they need, you can set up a wedding website or make sure that your invitation is larger and much more detailed. This will ensure that your guests have something to consult with all the information they could possibly need for your big day. If you opt for a wedding website, there are plenty of platforms out there that can host this for you and make its creation as simple and straightforward as possible.

Dress Code

Make sure that there is a clear dress code for the day. People will need time in advance to organise their outfit and ensure that it fits in with your wishes. Some people are pretty relaxed with this and will simply rwuest smart casual or smart wear. Others will want specific colour schemes, such as white wedding ties. If you have a particular detail that you want people to follow, make sure to give plenty of notice so that they can find something in time.

Time and Date

It’s good to send out a save the date card. You may also want to put the times of key parts of the day, like the ceremony and reception start times. That way people can let you know if they can make one but not the other.


Give clear details of the location – especially if it is quite far from where the majority of people live. This will give people the opportunity to arrange accommodation if required. Or arrange childcare or pet sitters if they need to stay out for the night and to arrange transport too. You may even want to give recommendations of modes of getting there or places to stay, to simplify this for everyone.

Wedding Guests and Plus Ones

Make sure that there is a clear plus one policy, with invites detailing if someone can bring a plus one and noting if you’d prefer that people didn’t bring uninvited guests. This will prevent issues on the day.

These pieces of guidance should really help your wedding guests to prepare for the big event!

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