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Upcycling the furniture that you have now is a fantastic way for you to take any unloved items that you have and turn them into something brand-new again. It is also a fantastic way for you to make any old furniture you may have, compliant with the new decor in your home. This allows you to save a small fortune, so it is certainly something you should not be overlooking. There are many ways for you to upcycle furniture, whether you want it to match the decor you have now, or whether you simply want to take things in a new direction. If you want to find out more then all you have to do is take a look below.

Upcycle your Furniture

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Choosing the Right Piece for your Home

Before you even think about upcycling your furniture, you have to decide if you want to upcycle and why. You may well have some old furniture in storage, or you may have something around the house that is begging for a new lease of life.

On the flip side, you may have something lying around that would look great if it simply had a little TLC. If you are buying your furniture used, then it is helpful for you to have a rough idea of what you are looking for. Picture it in your property and make sure that it looks like it is worth buying before you go ahead and do it. You also need to make sure that it is structurally sound. If you see a lot of holes in an older piece of furniture, then there is a high chance that in the past, it has had woodworm. If you want to replace some chair legs or furniture legs, consider using 42MM galvanised pipe if you see the original piece is damaged.

Going for the Distressed Look

One of the best places for you to begin upcycling would be for you to use dressers, cupboards, cabinets and more. Be sure to sand them down before you apply any paint, or give some thought to using chalk paint as this means that you do not need to spend some time preparing the surface. When you have applied this paint, be sure to go over it again with some sandpaper so you can go for the distressed look. The great thing about doing this is that it will add some character to your furniture, and it will also mean that you can create the distressed look without too much effort. If you want to get the best result, then try and apply a different colour as the undercoat as this will really bring out the grain.


If you are not going for the distressed look then you should consider painting as this will breathe a new lease of life into the furniture you have, and it can go a long way too. If you see that a piece looks dated, and it is starting to show some signs of wear and tear, then you can change this by adding some paint and then sanding it down. Remember that paint can transform any outdated piece of furniture into a unique and modern space. Do not play it safe though. Sure, one colour may seem like the way to go but if you are painting something big then it helps to use different shades. When you do, you will soon find that you are able to get the look you are going for and that you can make a huge change to your home, stylistically.

Upcycle your Furniture with Stencilling

Stencilling is a very good way for you to get creative with the furniture you have. It also helps you to add a bit of a personal touch to your piece too. Although it may seem a bit daunting, do not worry if you feel as though your stencilling goes a little wrong. You can paint over it, and you can redo it as many times as you need. This allows you to get much more creative and it also helps you to gain a lot of experience too so be mindful of that.

So, there are many things that you can do to drastically change the look of your home. If you are ready to make a significant change, then the best thing that you can do is start small and experiment. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries a little and also make sure that you do what you can to look online for inspiration.

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