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warm home this winter

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Winter is fast approaching and heating bills are rising fast, so it is the perfect time to think about what you can do to keep your family warm this winter without breaking the bank.

This post talks about some of the more practical things you can do to stay warm this winter, so this time we are going to look at some decor hacks that you can use to make your home feel warmer when the winter sets in.

You might not think that your choice of decor could make much difference in how warm you feel, but it really can, and the hacks below will all be very effective if you decide to implement them in your house this year.

Hang thicker curtains for a warmer home this winter

One of the simplest things you can do to keep your home arm his winter is to hang thicker curtains. Unless you already have thick, velvet curtains hanging up, for example, then you should definitely consider upgrading your window treatments because, the thicker the curtains, the more insulation they will offer from draughts. You might not be able to afford new windows, but new curtains may be much more within reach, even if you buy a used set, and the heftier the fabric is, the warmer and cosier you will all be.

Roll out the rugs

If your home’s flooring is mainly hardwood, laminate or tile rather than carpet, one thing that will certainly make for a warmer home this winter is a rug or three. Placing a rug down on any hard surface is sensible because rugs will add immediate warmth and cosiness to the area. You will no longer have to worry about stepping out of bed onto a freezing cold floor and the fabric of the rug will help to trap warmth and insulate the room more effectively too.

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Push the furniture closer together

In communal rooms like the living room, it might be a good idea to move furniture closer to the fireplace or whatever your main heating source is. Not only will it mean that you are closer to the heat, but it will also be much cosier sitting right by the fire than it is sitting farther away.

You should also try to push chairs and couches closer together where possible that way, when all of the family are sitting together, you will be able to benefit from the proximity of each other’s body heat to say warm.

Closer furniture configuration also feels much cosier in general so there is that to think about too.

Add a roof to the conservatory

Warm roof conservatories are a thing. You can add an insulating roof to your conservatory that will look much cosier and add so much more warmth by keeping it insulated too.

Hang a tapestry or two

Not only are fabric tapestries very colourful, which means they add an extra level of interest to any room they are hung in, but having fabric up on the wall provides more insulation than bare walls or walls filled with other forms of art such as photographs and canvases. This means any room with large tapestries used as a design feature will undoubtedly be warmer and cosier as a general rule.

warmer home this winter

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Layer up

The more layers you have on your bed and the couch, the comfier you will be, so invest in cotton sheets, furry throws, and crocheted blankets and arrange them in any way that is pleasing to the eye. That way, when it gets cold outside, you can snuggle down and feel cosy in a room that looks amazing due to all of the colours and textures it contains.

Light a candle

There is something about using candlelight to keep your home lit up in the winter that is so cosy and romantic, and as an added bonus, your favourite winter-scented candles will not only lift your spirits but also help to add as little extra warmth to any room they are lit in too. What’s not to love?

A fresh lick of paint

Although painting your home a different colour will not raise the temperature, some colours are much better at suggesting warmth than others, so adding a lick of yellow, red or orange paint really can help you to feel warmer.

As you can see, there are a number of smart decor choices that can help you to keep your house warm this winter and they are pretty easy to implement, so be sure to do so before deepest, darkest, winter sets in.

Love Lilla xx

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