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It’s something that we are all guilty of in the modern world. Thinking about the food we consume, is far better to start thinking about quality rather than quantity. When it comes to losing weight, a lot of us get so caught up in the numbers we become obsessed with this rather than the foods. When it comes to a balanced diet, this is only one component. What does it really take to ensure that you are focusing on quality when it comes to your food? 

Getting Better Food in Your Diet

If you want to eat quality foods you need to consume quality produce. Whether it’s sustainable shellfish from Cornwall or free-range eggs from your local farm, when you start to consume quality food, this is not as processed. People talk about the benefits of eating whole foods. The reality is that as far as your levels of satiety are concerned when you start to eat whole foods, rather than foods that come with fillers or artificial sweeteners, you are going to feel the benefits. 

Eating Until 80% Full

Eating until 80% full is something that is very popular in countries like Japan. If we can eat until we’re 80% full, we will never feel that temptation to gorge. Sometimes, we’ve had a hungry day and we need to consume much more than normal. When we’re talking about losing weight, we’ve got to think about it in terms of the big picture. If we’re eating until we’re 80% full, there’s never the temptation to overeat. Even better there’s never that sick feeling that comes with eating too much. Eating until you’re 80% full, and gives our bodies the opportunity to digest. 

Making Each Calorie Count

Talking about food quality, many of us get caught up in the numbers! A 400 calories in a bowl of ice cream is the same as 400 calories of brown rice. The reality is that not all calories are created equal because of their nutritional benefits. Clearly, brown rice is going to be more nutritious than ice cream. f you want to incorporate the right foods into your life, you will need to bear in mind that food quality always trumps quantity. Start to focus on the nutritional aspects, rather than the calories each item of food contains, we’re going to feel far more sated and full of energy. It is never a good idea to focus on how much we are eating. 

When it comes to winning the battle of the calorie, start to swap your dietary habits and focus on a lifestyle of food that was whole food rather than sweet treats. You would feel far more nutritionally supported, and as a result, you would not feel those hunger pangs that come with consuming too much sugar. Maybe it’s time to start focusing on the quality of our foods.

Love Lilla xx

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