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Wood Burners vs Gas Fireplaces

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Considering replacing your old gas fireplace? Today’s wood burners can heat your home quickly, efficiently, and safely. While still delivering the beautiful warmth and ambiance of a wood-fired home. With the rising cost of living, more and more people are considering investing into new methods in heating their homes to save money. Keep reading to learn more about how wood burners stack up against the gas fireplace. What’s best for your home and the factors you should consider when investing into your home’s method of heating.

What’s the Difference Between a Wood Burner and a Gas Fireplace?

A wood burner burns logs and other types of wood. Whereas a gas fireplace produces heat in a sealed chamber with a concentric flue. Another difference is that a gas fireplace is built into a wall, whereas a wood burner is freestanding. It is this factor that makes a wood burner a quicker method of heating a building. This is because a wood burner can emit heat from all four sides, rather than the singular side of a gas fireplace. Generally they are also more efficient because of this. Less heat radiates out of the chimney in a wood burner. Gas fireplaces are also almost always used indoors, whereas a wood burner has plenty of outdoor utility. If you invest in a wood burner you must also consider the cost of firewood. With the increasing cost of heating homes more and more people are sourcing their wood cheaply through log delivery services.

Are Gas Fireplaces or Wood Burners Better for Heating my Home?

There are many things to consider when determining which type of heating system you should use for your home. When deciding how to heat your home, you’ll have to take into consideration how much heat your home actually needs. Gas fireplaces are generally cheaper to fit than wood burners. A gas fireplace might be a great choice if your home is on the smaller side, while the extra investment for a wood burner would perhaps be more suitable for heating a larger house. In general, it’s best to keep in mind the size of your home and the amount of heat your home actually needs. 

Things to Consider When Selecting a New Gas Log Stove

Choosing the right wood burner can help you save money, stay comfortable, and enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a wood-fired home while heating your home with clean energy. If you decide that a wood burner is not suitable for your home, maybe it would be a better idea to upgrade your current gas fireplace or even switch to electric. With rising energy prices it is now the time to consider whether investing in your home’s method of heating is worthwhile. Before making any decision however it would be a great idea to learn about ways to heat your home without turning on your heating.

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