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Wooden interior design has become increasingly popular – from wooden floors to wood
furniture, wood is a classic and timeless material that can be used in multiple ways to
furnish and decorate your home.

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Wooden Interior Design

Wood has been a staple piece in people’s homes for centuries – not only is it durable, it also
simply has a homely and organic feel to it that makes it more alluring than brick or plastic.
Additionally, there are a range of different styles and tones that can be created through
using wood as part of one’s interior design, despite what one may think.

For example, styles like industrial offer a rustic ambience through the implementation of
dark wood to exude a vintage look; whereas, with more modern styles, light wood floors
and furniture help to bring forth a minimalist yet stylish interior.

Did you know that wooden interior designs have actually been shown to have health
benefits? Blood pressures, heart rates, and stress levels were reduced in one study,
alongside improved air quality through wood’s ability to moderate humidity. Therefore, if
you’re looking to have a home with benefits similar to outdoor environments, why not
invest in wooden interior design?

Wood? What Wood?

One of the greatest things about wooden interior design is that there are different types of
which have their own different and unique qualities and looks. The vast array of wood
colours and textures ensure that there can be styles made that are distinct and separate
from others, offering a completely one-of-a-kind element to each home.

It’s worth noting that you don’t need a wholly wooden furniture piece – there are ways you
can incorporate wood without actually having to invest in a new piece of furniture. Why not
try wood table tops and legs, switching them with your current glass table tops or metal
table legs?

Wood panelling walls and wood flooring are standard ways to integrate wooden interior
design, along with typical wooden furniture like tables and desks. Don’t think that just
because it’s wood, it’s only available in the usual wood colours – browns; wood can be both
dark and light, hardwood and softwood!

Perhaps an unusual but stylish way that wood can be used in interior design is as a
separating wall, using planks to form the wall to split two but connected areas. Wooden
lighting fixtures are also contemporary, and remember that simple wood decor can also
spruce up your interiors.

The Past, Present, and Future of Interior Design is Wood

That wooden cabinet you have can be passed onto the next generation since wood indeed
lasts long, and can become a vintage piece for generations to come.

Since wood, or timber, is a natural material, it’s without a doubt here to stay as an element
in interior design. With increasing pressure to be more environmentally conscious, wood as
a material can store carbon instead of emitting it
, and is a better alternative to concrete.
So perhaps it is time to turn to wooden interior design for not only a charming interior
aesthetic, but also for more important reasons – for its greener and renewable qualities.

Love Lilla xx

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