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The holiday season is the best time of the year! And it’s not only because of all the presents, decorations and tinsel to be found on every corner. Festivities give you a chance to experiment with your makeup style, from a glittery red lip to a subtle smoky eye.

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There are so many timeless makeup ideas floating around this festive season, though, that it can be hard to pinpoint the look you want. Struggling to find the holiday makeup idea that feels right for you can be frustrating – even more so when the family gathering is just around the corner!
To take the stress off your shoulders, and to lend you some of our own makeup expertise, we have carefully handpicked 6 timeless holiday makeup ideas so you can attend all your festive events in confident style.

Take inspiration from nature

During the festive holidays, we should be taking inspiration from our surroundings, which most of the time) includes a sweet-smelling green pine tree! Pine is the scent that best distinguishes the holiday season, and a touch of soft green eyeshadow complements this holiday staple perfectly.
If you’re feeling super bold this winter, you could even do a green lip! Just make sure you don’t go too overboard with the rest of your makeup, here. You want your vibrant lip to stand out, not be overshadowed by your contour or eyeliner.

Sparkle at the dinner table

When the family gathers around the holiday dinner table, you want to do the most to stand out! Gold glitter on the lids, even dabbed along your cheekbones, and paired with a graphic liner can set you apart from everyone else.

Stick with winged liner

Wing it out this holiday season with a thick, dramatic black liner. Winged eyeliner is glamorous and fierce – the perfect vibe for a fun-filled festive season. To better enhance your bold winged liner, we recommend a strong contour and highlight, too. This brings the fierceness of your look together.

Gorgeous glossy lids

Glossy lids are one of our favourite holiday makeup ideas! Applying a thick gloss, safe to use on the lids and packed on top of a gorgeous shimmery shadow, can really draw attention to your eyes.

Go for the classic red lip

A bright red lip is a hallmark of any good holiday makeup look! It’s a true timeless classic. To put your own spin on this age-old makeup tradition, consider adding a little glitter to your red lipstick.

Shine like the North Star

The holiday season is all about that festive glow. For a timeless holiday makeup idea that’s all about the highlight, we recommend going for that ‘glowing skin’ look. Swipe your favourite Iconic London highlight across your cheekbones, chin and the tip of your nose.
Paired with a sweet peachy blush across the cheeks and a neutral eyeshadow or lip, your holiday makeup will wow this festive season.

Love Lilla xx

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