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People move for various reasons, such as jobs, links to their families, better educational possibilities for their kids, and more. According to research, about 367,000 households in the UK considered moving homes in 2022, indicating how often people move. After you turn the key, unlock the door, and enter as a new resident, it’s time to celebrate your new home. However, to make your move as stress-free as possible, you must do a few things, including those listed below. 

Unpack your items

How you pack your items can go a long way in making your move less stressful. Doing this will help you access the things you easily need and reduce the likelihood of clutter. It will also help you feel more organised, making settling after your move easier. If you’re overwhelmed by where to start, you can pack two boxes at a time or start immediately with the most pressing items you will need, such as bathroom and kitchen essentials. Clearly labelling your boxes will help make this process even easier for you. 

Inspect your home’s smoke alarms and HVAC system

Before moving during winter or the blistering summer heat, you should ensure that your systems, such as smoke detectors and the HVAC system, are in good working condition. If faulty, it’s best to get a professional to evaluate them and ensure they are operating correctly. Doing this will enhance your comfort during harsh weather and also reduce the incidence of events such as fire outbreaks. If you’re thinking of ways to keep your indoor space cool without breaking the bank, you can consider options such as a Wall mounted air conditioner without outdoor unit

Set up phone, TV, and Internet services to ensure connectivity

A wide range of connection services, including TV, internet, and phone, will help you settle in quickly after moving and easily connect with loved ones. Some service providers may allow you to continue using their services even when you move, while others may require you to disconnect their services depending on your location. Once you’ve decided on a service provider, you may hire an installer or, in certain cases, handle the installation yourself, such as with internet or cable.

Change your locks on your new home

As simple as it may seem, changing your locks will go a long way in enhancing the security of your new home. You may not know who has the old keys to your place, so it’s best to change all the locks to give you the peace of mind to settle in. After doing this, you can add other security features, such as extra lighting and burglar-proof windows, to reduce the likelihood of any break-ins.  

Prioritise house repairs

Some repairs, including repairing broken pipes, remodelling kitchens, and replacing roofs, may need more consideration than others. Get any problems addressed as quickly as possible if you can’t fix them before move-in day. Consider each element’s importance to the home improvements you need to make. For instance, repairing a leaky roof may be more crucial than decorating a room. Getting a professional to do a thorough job is best, so you don’t have to worry about repairs anytime soon.

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