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Best friends Hen Do
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Your best friend is getting married, and you might be feeling a mix of happiness and excitement. And what better thing to help her adjust to her new role than to throw her a party she’ll never forget? It’s also a fun way to see old friends, make memories that will last, and discover new places and fun things to do. If you don’t know where to start, these tips can help you plan your best friends hen do.

Talk To The Bride 

Before anything else! You need to tell the bride-to-be about your plans for a hen’s party. Even though it’s meant to be a surprise, it could go wrong quickly if they don’t like surprises or have anxiety. You should also ask her if she wants to help plan the event and if she wants it to be wild or calm. Even if she likes surprises, you should still find out what she doesn’t want at her party. It could be anything from ziplining to strippers. At the end of the day, you want her to have the best time of her life, so it makes sense to respect her boundaries. Also, decide where she wants to go, how many people she wants to invite, etc. Make a guest list as a tip to make sure no one is left out.

Set The Budget For Your Best Friends Hen Do

It’s easy to get too excited and spend too much money on too many things, only to find out that you’ve spent more than you were supposed to. Also, you wouldn’t want to pay for things that the bride-to-be doesn’t like. You’ll find it helpful to keep track of your spending if you make a budget. You need to think about a few things to make sure your budget is reliable.

First, decide how many nights you’ll be gone and what kind of place the girls would like to stay. As a tip, get different prices for each type of lodging and compare them so you can make a better choice. So, include food and drinks, a theme and outfits, hen party bags, gifts, decorations, activities, transportation, etc. Money is a touchy subject, so it’s best to talk to other people to make sure no one feels cheated. Hen party houses are a great way to keep you in a budget. 

Plan Your Activities

What would a hen party be without things to do? It is indeed fun when you and the other hens can do different things. Also, your best friend and bride-to-be will always remember the special moments. There are so many things to do that it can be hard to choose the best ones. But you can try spending a relaxing weekend at a luxury hotel, where you can go horseback riding, get spa treatments, and do other things that will help you feel better. Or, if your best friend loves to sing, you can have a fun karaoke night. If she likes to dance, she could take dance classes. Maybe the girls want to feel sophisticated, they could go wine tasting.

If you want to get around at night in style, you can hire a minibus with professional drivers from the area. These luxury buses are a great addition to your hen party, and they can be changed to fit your needs. Just make sure the car you rent is big enough for everyone in your group.

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