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Glancing at the clothes in your closet, you notice the same shade and material repeating, hanger after hanger.  

“I need an upgrade,” you think to yourself as you sift through your clothes, listening to the radio. 

Suddenly, an ad for leather furniture blares from the airwaves and forces an idea in your head. 

“I should buy a leather jacket! That’ll complete my wardrobe,” you accidentally say aloud, compelled with excitement.

Leather jackets are a great, versatile garment that you can rock with almost any pair of jeans and any style of boots.

There are various styles of leather jackets. Finding the best one to fit your style is as simple as doing a little research.

Motorcycle Jackets

Typically made of lambskin leather, motorcycle jackets are often lightweight, soft to the touch, and offer superior comfort. Most motorcycle jackets offer numerous deep pockets with zippers and provide both style and utility.

Accessorize your motorcycle jacket with a chic belt or pair of stylish, black boots.

You can buy women’s motorcycle jackets online or men’s leather motorcycle jackets.

Bomber Chic

Strong, durable and gender-neutral, bomber jackets have a simple design with major style. Typically brown in color, bomber jackets resemble flight jackets and offer deep pockets and a fleece inner lining.

Flight Jacket

Authentic flight jackets have large cargo pocket, shoulder loops, elastic cuff and waist bands, with a fleece inner lining.

Most modern flight jackets are brown or tan in color, have a zip closure, and a stand up collar.

Racer Leather Jacket

Racer jackets have less embellishments than motorcycle jackets, however they do not lack in style.  This type of leather jacket is a modern spin on the biker or motorcycle jacket. 

Common racer jackets are deep red or black and typically have a snap collar. Racer jackets are more for fashion than function.

Moto Jacket

Moto jackets are slick twist on a motorcycle jacket and often resemble the racer jacket. Simply put, if a motorcycle jacket and a racer jacket had a baby, the moto jacket would be born. 

Moto jackets resemble racer jackets in the sense that they have less embellishments, however they provide a level of utility or function like a motorcycle jacket.

Leather Blazers

Leather blazers are one of the most versatile leather garments because they go with just about everything. You can mix-and-match a leather blazer with leggings or jeans, with thigh-high boots or heels.

For men, wear a nice button-down shirt, deep blue jeans, and a slick pair of black boots to complete your look.

For women, a ribbed, v-cut blouse or long sleeve shift and knee-high, leather boots will look killer!

Love Lilla xx

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